Sometimes, the tour has a special, personal meaning to the individual fan, like the first time seeing a show with a future spouse. Nina Corcoran, Whats bigger than god? [emailprotected]. It would be one of the first times that Redding, the equivalent of a powerful locomotive as a performer, would look out and see predominantly white faces in one of his audiences. Total tour attendance: 1.96 million The experience turned into a masterclass for the future Fab Four, with Penniman teaching them his songs and showing a young Paul McCartney how to sing like him. So her sound engineer Martin Fisher used a wire clothes hanger to create a wireless headset microphone. While it may have been unusual for its time, everyone from Depeche Mode to Bjrk have cited the band as a major influence. Theaccompanying tour, which lasted for a large portion of 2018, also proved that she has a massive fan base whose members go to great lengths to support her. Total tour attendance: 2.67 million Nearly every night of the tour, fans were surprised by casual guest appearances, including Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, Beck, John Legend, Lorde, Mary J. Blige, Mick Jagger, St. Vincent, and more. The tour, whose set list leaned heavily on the bands most recent release "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, spurred three concert films: "Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago, "Vertigo: Live from Milan, and "U2 3D., Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $493,336,432 While it wouldnt be as ambitious as future programs like the narrative-based Velvet Rope Tour, Jacksons Rhythm Nation Tour saw the 23-year-old wow audiences with a virtually nonstop 80 minutes of dancing that many critics say rivalled her brothers. Nina Corcoran, Joni Mitchell's 1974 tour of North America was the time and place to hear her songs spring to life exactly like how they sound on record, though traditionalists beware. Total tour attendance: 3.23 million While touring behind it, she upped the popstar ante with silicone outfits and flashy stage props, but decided to return to her humble roots, too. Nina Corcoran, 46. Musically, they seemed to have it all together, but the band was months away from falling apart. 1966 marked the first time that Stax Records the spiritual home of Memphis Soul had sent its artists out on tour, and Reddings 1967 European Tour met with ecstatic fanfare six months later. 107 of the biggest stars from the '80s are on tour in 2023 including Madonna, Guns N' Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, The B-52s, Metallica, Reba McEntire, Ice Cube, Billy Idol and Kenny . Someone in the audience shouted out Judas!, prompting Dylan to turn to his band and order them to play it fucking loud. The Hawks obliged, and rock and roll has never been the same since. Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $291,414,474 Total tour attendance: 4.62 million Year(s): 201315. To borrow from Ms. The co-headlining tour saw Blur, Dinosaur Jr., The Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine play 11 dates in the UK. But when scouring through live bootlegs from back then, the 1997 fall tour stands out because of how energized the jam band sounds -- and when it comes to Phish shows, its the energy in the air that can turn an already memorable performance into one that feels like magic. OutKast at Emory University (September 1999) (Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc) The late '90s/early 2000s was a great time to be a college student. Odd Future- Golf Wang Tour 2011 (2011), Rap collectives come and go, but Odd Futures lasting effects were made to stand forever. Nina Corcoran, 08. Notable, but, sure, normal for McCartney's lively stamina. 1 (their first in a string of four chart-toppers) on the strength of Henley-Frey singles, and this would be the last time founding member Bernie Leadon would be a part of the band. Nina Corcoran, 11. Shows played: 197 Total tour attendance: 2.0 million Against Me! There were so many great bands and amazing songs that it's hard to narrow it down to just a few. Cher: Living Proof: The Farewell Tour, #20. He was working on new graphics! That's what the Rollercoaster Tour was for britpop obsessives and shoegaze fans. Year(s): 201617. republish under a Creative Commons License, and we encourage you to Nina Corcoran, 74. Matt Melis, Few punk rock bands cause as much of a ruckus before even getting to the stage as the Sex Pistols, which explains why their first and last US tour was one in the same. The British pop-rock band, fronted by Chris Martin, has had a series of wildly successful albums over the past two decades. In that, the Pop Disaster Tour essentially led to Green Days reprise. performing arts We want to hear it. Little Richard 1962 European Tour (1962), By the early 60s, Little Richard (born Richard Penniman) had traded in rock and roll for gospel. Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $476,474,639 your CMS. Does it get any better than that? But it wasnt until the 1998 Yield Tour that the frontman and his colleagues matured and settled into being the best touring band on the planet. Nina Corcoran, 99. Nina Corcoran, 97. Heres everything you need to know. Once he broke out and became a star at the Monterey Pop Festival in June of 1967, hed be gone a mere three years and change later, having, in that short time, become the highest paid rock star in the world, recorded several of the greatest albums ever, and transformed not only how the guitar was played but how the instrument was thought about all together. By the traveling fests second year, the lineup flexed an undeniable whos who of talent, including eclectic acts ranging from Sinad OConnor and Liz Phair to Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott across three stages. Unsurprisingly, it was a tour so moving that it was released as a concert film, ideally to capture what it felt like so others can experience it secondhand. The slate saw Springsteen finally headlining full-size arenas and adding several soon-to-be staples to the setlist. Those shows broke box-office records across the US previously held by The Rolling Stones as magician and skeptic James Randi introduced a series of gruesome stage effects, freakiest of all a guillotine beheading that put the roll in rock and roll. If youre hoping to hear some of your favorite tracks from yesteryear live, heres a list of the top 50 bands from all genres you can catch live this year. Jean Michel Jarre at State University of Moscow (1997) - 3.5 million attendees. Between 1973 and 1976, Journey released three studio albums, all of which failed to meet the expectations of Columbia Records, which nearly dropped the band. Copyright 2023 Penske Business Media, LLC. Shows played: 136 Asking ourselves, "Would we want to go back in time to check out this show if we had tickets?". There are a few guidelines and This saw a growth spurt where Newsom brought a full band with her on tour to nail the orchestral-style parts, played at a handful of festivals, and performed four times on live late-night TV shows (somewhat of a rarity for the notoriously secretive artist). Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $421,251,623 It was The Police in their prime era at their highest point, before drama got in the way. by Alyssa, April 04, 2016 As Joey once said, People looked at us like we were from Mars. If the band couldnt play a single note, their appearance alone could have influenced a generation. Nina Corcoran, Selling out sure does sound good. They were joined by David Gilmour, who became an official member in the late 1980s, and eight other musicians who filled the holes left by Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. Her first time out in 1984, appropriately dubbed The Virgin Tour, caused near-Beatles levels of hysteria among young American females, many of whom donned the Material Girls style, which gave birth to the term Madonna wannabe. By 1987, the US was not enough, and the Whos That Girl World Tour sent a more sophisticated, but no less risque, Madonna out to conquer the world. However, it was a chance to see our favorite rain dog performing some of his finest material at the height of his quirky powers. It was the tour where a swatch of die-hard fans who would follow them on tour intentionally decided to fall off, certain Radiohead could never top a tour like this again. 9 Backstreet Boys - 73,337 The Backstreet Boys were at the height of their popularity when they drew over 73,000 fans into the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on February 19, 2000. However, in 1993, the band began to splinter. It would also be his last tour, as he would pass away from Melanoma only a few months after finishing the slate. What we do know is rarely has a pop rock band sounded so good and held so many audiences in the palm of their hand. Watching the band onstage, it was impossible not to feel her energy transmit to onlookers, encouraging them, too, to seize as much as possible out of life in any given chance. Conversely, if the same band neglects their back catalog, we can feel cheated on that account. Matt Melis, 48. He wound up growing a beard, hiding in Paris, and running the city's marathon incognito, causing the band to cancel their UK dates but pull him back aboard in time for the US tour stretch with their ideal catalog ready to go. Concert For Bangladesh: Madison Square Gardens, New York City (1971) When sitar maestro Ravi Shankar learned of the fast-escalating. Matt Melis, 39. No matter how big the crowds would get or how elaborate the stage setups would one day become, theres still something utterly mesmerizing about the band, as captured forever in their Red Rocks performance on that tour. Their "Black Ice World Tour was significant for beingthe last full tour of longtime vocalist Brian Johnson. Today's Top Quizzes in The Rolling Stones. The Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim Reid curated the tour in hopes of proving independent rock artists could be worthy of bigger venues, using Lollapalooza as a blueprint for how to do it. However, Floyd fans who saw the first leg of The Dark Side of the Moon Tour got a preview theyll never forget (and one the rest of the universe will forever be insanely jealous of). Blink-182andGreen Day- Pop Disaster Tour (2002), Pop punk is as serious or as childish as you want to choose to see it. Talking to Radiohead fans about their favorite moments in the bands career is like pouring a bucket of fresh food into a pool of piranhas. On the sprawling Out There tour, the average setlist included 39 songs, a smattering of superstar cameos, and some comedic asides from Paul. Is it legit? Billy Joel An Innocent Man Tour (1984), After fighting for much of his young career to be viewed as a rock and roller, Billy Joel did the damndest thing in the early 90s: he stopped writing rock songs. Nine Inch Nails- Fragility (1999-00), Trent Reznor has been the most prominent face of industrial rock since the early 1990s. The list below was born out of some pretty serious arguments. He can be reached at Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $563,300,000 Though most of the setlist centered around the recently released Court and Spark, it was a proper dive into her career and evidence of her influence to come: Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now, Blue, A Case of You, and more. Total tour attendance: 3.65 million Ils enchanent avec une tourne travers toute la France durant l'anne 1984. Do they have fees? Avid Stones fans claim that this is the groups best tour, but its also one that almost didnt happen. 1980s Uprising Tour was the largest in Europe that year and saw Marley playing several new countries, including Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, and Scotland. Matt Melis, Some might equate Pearl Jams live show with a young, longhaired Eddie Vedder scaling stage scaffolding and leaping into a sea of denim and flannel. It took me a lifetime to get here, she told them. In 1991, Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette was opening on tour for Vanilla Ice and probably still best remembered in America for being one of dozens of childhood stars regularly slimed on Nickelodeon in the 80s. Songs that began quietly grew into a dark, rumbling experience, with Cave descending into the crowd as if he and the crowd became one. Year(s): 2018. Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $288,513,488 The 1980s brought the world some of the best music the 20th century had to offer. Stacker distribution partners receive a license to all Stacker stories, Kanye West, of course, but especially Kanye during the Yeezus era. The moment of truth at a Whitney Houston concert came every time a note passed her lips. arts center The tourcoincided with the release of their new album of the same name and featured other artists like The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban. . Back in 2003, the White Stripes had just released Elephant and were in the midst of defining the garage rock revival. We cant say for certain. Sitting atop their glowing pyramid, Daft Punk seemed to be the total opposite of the crowd: rigid, unreadable, and robotic compared to the audience's freeform, blissful, sweaty dancing. Swift's sets primarily came from the "Reputation, album with only one or two classics mixed in. Its so iconic that its routinely covered today (down to every last detail) by The Musical Box, a Genesis cover band that Gabriel himself donated instruments and set design pieces to so the tour can reach a new generation. Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan World Tour 1966 (1966), Not everyone was thrilled when Bob Dylan chose to go electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Bill Wyman walked away from the band, saying that he was tired of touring and would no longer continue playing with the group. Nina Corcoran, 88. The 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years From Led Zeppelin's U.S. debut to Jay Z and Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne' spectacle, and beyond By Christopher R. Weingarten, David Browne, Jon. concert series 1 UK independent chart position and proved the genre was a force to be reckoned with, and everyone got the message by the time the Grindcrusher UK tour started. Again, a lot of time to spend onstage with someone you cant stand. Although the decade of excess came to a close over 32 years ago, many of the biggest acts that came of age. The demand for more shows extended the reunion longer than anyone expected, a fever dream nobody wanted to end, but one we were lucky to have in reality at all. Though we lost her much too early, millions across the world had the chance to witness Houstons gift on journeys like The Moment of Truth World Tour. They didnt stay a duo for long, swiftly being joined, and left, by a variety of other musicians. Ouch. His songs skipped from bizarre folk to outlier rap to heavy rock and glitchy pop. Her kick-off shows in London sold out in record time, the Japanese military was brought in to control the 25,000 fans who greeted her at an airport, and she played to record crowds in numerous countries and cities. In many ways, the Highway to Hell Tour can be seen as Bon, on his last tour, handing the mic to Brian to continue down that satanic highway. --Matt Melis, 94. by Stephen Spiewak, December 20, 2022 All Rights Reserved, Accessibility 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band's synthpop was at a musical peak, as was their energy. Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $364,300,000 Though they were on the road for hundreds of days, the members of Arcade Fire performed like they were bursting with passion, and the crowds felt similarly, as was evident with every audience members soaring jumps to Ready to Start and all those maxed-out sing-alongs to Wake Up. Florence + the Machine- How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Tour (2015), With each passing year, Florence + the Machine seem to thrive on lifes most daunting moments, and never was it more evident than during their tour in support of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. From 2007-2008, the band joined Springsteen for a23-songs-per-set tour that was called "euphoric and "profound., Tour gross (adjusted for inflation): $279,110,786 It was hard to deny. After striking shrapnel on their joint cover of Public Enemys Bring the Noise, Scott Ian and Anthrax took to the road alongside Chuck Ds crew, with each night culminating in the two acts joining each other onstage for the tours namesake jam. Talking about a rollercoaster of emotions. The tour opened ona cathedral backdrop with biblical scriptures booming from the speakersand men dressed as monks filling the stage, before quickly shifting into Madonnas #1 hits "Girl Gone Wild and "Material Girl. Later in the show, Madonna pulled out a fake gun and "shot multiple people, a move that didnt go over well with some audience members. She announced her tour shortly after performing at the Super Bowl that winter and tickets sold out -- without anyone knowing what was to come. The Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon Tour, #6. A couple of years later we met at my studio in New York City. Part jest, part celebration, and part familial love, it was an unforgettable tour that was as Sufjan as it gets. The most infamous example might be when Youngs bus diverged from Stills while on tour, and Old Shakey sent his quitting papers to Stills via telegram. And there to flesh things out even more was a star-studded list of openers like Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, R.E.M., and Stevie Ray Vaughan. These tours were largely played in stadiums, but a few included smaller venues. Various Artists - The Grindcrusher Tour (1989), Back in the late '80s, grind and death metal were busy being born. Luckily, nobody told that to Tina Turner, or at least she didnt pay them any attention if they did.