Windmeyer is also the author of The Advocate College Guide for LGBTQ+ Students, the first-ever college guide profiling the "100 Best LGBTQ-Friendly Campuses.". UofL ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. IU Bloomington offers gender neutral housing that allows LGBT students to live their authentic selves on campus. The center works to create a welcoming climate through advocacy, education, and community building. Montclair State University, located in Clifton, NJ, has a LGBTQ Center dedicated to creating an environment of inclusion and support to all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expression. The 2011 National School Climate survey recommends: Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs). Their mission is to create an environment of respect, equity and, social justice through programming, outreach and education. Genny Beemyn is a leading expert on the experiences of trans people in the United States, particularly the lives of trans students, and on the development of trans-inclusive college policies and practices. Together with the administration, they are creating an accessible environment for individuals of varying gender identities. Center, or Title IX concerns. 15. NAU also provides gender-inclusive housing to allow for transgender and gender-questioning students to experience a safe alternative to gender binary housing. The university also collaborates with many community programs in the city of Baltimore, including the Pride Center and Baltimore Pride. September 15, 2018. Top Scholarships for LGBTQ Students to Apply For Included below are a number of different financial awards including LGBTQ Awareness awards, awards based on academic interests, and awards based on concepts like optimism, learning and changing, and more. Safe Space workshops, resources for education on unconscious bias, and participation in local Pride events provide the LGBTQ+ community with opportunities to connect with members of the community for academic and social support. The program connects community members to campus and local resources for support. Ithaca Colleges LGBT center was established in 2001 and continues to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for LGBT students and their allies. They also provide training and initiatives related to allyship, social justice, and mental health and wellness. 22 school districts were given "top tier" ratings, 80 . The latest national and state data show a mental health crisis as a . In order to be considered for this ranking, a school had to appear on either The Advocate's list of the 100 best schools for LGBT students or's list of gay-friendly campuses . Debbi Johnson-Rais, Ed.D., is the director of Florida Atlantic University's Scholars Program, an initiative that provides support and programming for high-achieving students, particularly those in medicine. The purpose of the center is to create an inclusive community on campus. Virginia has moved to restrict the rights of trans students in its public schools. Resources include workshops on inclusive language, gender in art, and trans rights. Their mission is to foster personal and academic growth for those students who identify, and those who are exploring their gender identity. Elon University, a liberal arts school, was established in 1889. Her work focuses on training healthcare pro Cobretti D. Williams, Ph.D. (he/him), is a scholar, writer, and editor. Gender neutral dorms are available for those students currently transitioning. UWs Q Center also includes a lending library, gender discussion groups and blog opportunities for those students seeking a chance to participate to spread their message through two UW-sponsored blogs. Montclair State offers a LGBTQ minor under the Gender, Sexuality, and Womens Studies program to allow students to think critically about identity, current issues, and activism. Penn State launched the World Campus just before the turn of the 21st century. 4. Partnerships with campus offices allow the center to leverage existing expertise into workshops, presentations, and conferences on topics affecting the community. When sharing facts about LGBTQ history, it's important for educators to balance a positive influence and celebration of icons and leaders while not hiding the truth behind historically important events. Courses focus on all the emerging LGBT subcultures and identities from a big picture, and science and philosophy behind LGBT identities, literature, laws, and healthcare. UPenns library, which began in 1750, has grown to over 6 million books and a budget just about $50 million. There are many student groups dedicated to enriching the lives of students regardless of sexual orientation, or identity. University of Pennsylvania Location Philadelphia, PA Tuition $24539 The Ohio State University Location Columbus, OH Tuition $18042 University of California - Los Angeles Location Los Angeles, CA Tuition $14760 Washington University in St. Louis Location St. Louis, MO Tuition $27777 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Location Cambridge, MA The university provides special interest housing, and the campus health center is available for a broad range of sexual health support and gender-confirming therapy. One of the strongest ways that a student can help build an inclusive LGBTQ+ environment is by creating or joining a gay-straight alliance, or GSA, club. Ithaca College ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. How . It is important to note that the following list does not include states where there are no schools that rank on the Campus Pride Index or states that do not have at least a four-star rating on the Campus Pride Index. The Resource Center offers education on being a LGBT and Trans ally. Supportive educators. Rutgers is a LGBT friendly college offering many courses and programs dedicated to LGBTQ studies. The Pride Center offers access to resources for students, parents, faculty, guardians and Lehigh Universitys alumni. According to,Princeton University ranked first among the best colleges for LGBT for students. Guilford College's Diversity and Inclusion office provides a number of support services for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The center was created in 1992 as the result of a recommendation from the Select Committee for Lesbian and Gay Concerns. Lavender Graduation is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ graduates and their allies. These institutions rank among the best in their efforts to support and provide academic, financial, and social resources for LGBTQ+ students. The University of New Mexico ranks 4 on the Campus Pride Index. They are committed to cultivating a respectful and affirming climate for all students to realize their full potential. The center offers social activities such as Wednesday Wine Downs, LBGTeas, open houses, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and Safe Space training. Several factors that can help improve outcomes for LGBTQ+ young people include: Addressing LGBTQ+-related stigma, discrimination, and violence Building on the strengths of LGBTQ+ youth Fostering supports such as family acceptance and safe, affirming environments in schools and other settings Abilene Christian University American Indian College Anderson University Andrews University Appalachian Bible College Arizona Christian University Arlington Baptist University Asbury Theological Seminary Asbury University Azusa Pacific University Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary Baylor University Belmont Abbey College This unique initiative built a comprehensive library resource (i.e. The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students Increased visibility of LGBTQ+ students on campuses has increased the need for support networks. Annual scholarships for LGBTQ students in financial need or coming from an LGBTQ-lacking youth community. Resources include support to improve campus climate and safety, opportunities for identity development, and expertise on institutional and state policies and their impact on the community. University of Utah ranks 4.5 on the Campus Pride Index. CUs Natural History museum is recognized as one of the most comprehensive collections in the Rocky Mountain region of the country. They allow students to select the name and pronoun that best suits the student to be used on university records and databases. Unique opportunities include the Lavender Leadership Honor Society, the #TransTerps project, and the Rainbow Terrapin Network. The center provides Safe Zone training, specialized orientation activities, PRIDE activities, and a unique opportunity for a social justice-themed living community. Like the Gallup data for adults, MIYHS data show the number of LGBT-identifying students has increased since 2009, but especially since 2017. Students have the ability to show their LGBTQ+ classmates they are welcome and safe within campus halls. The Morrill Land Grant Act established the Ohio State University in 1870 as a public agriculture and engineering university. Policies and locations are drafted and organized into one Ithaca College Statement. The center connects with local community groups to provide enrichment opportunities for its members. LGBT friendly colleges provide a safe space for queer young people, while helping prepare them for a workforce that is still frequently hostile. Student academic and social organizations provide connections on campus, as do the LGBTQI Life programs. Virginia Wesleyan University ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. A GSA is a type of student club, typically in a high school or middle school, which provides a place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end harassment or discrimination for LGBTQ+ students. Despite the recent legalization of gay marriage, the LGBT youth of America still face unwanted discrimination in and out of school. In 1971, the University of Michigan became the first college in the country to establish an LGBT office, and the university continues to be a pioneer on trans support. The office also provides connections to community activism and support programs. UW-Eau Claire has a Gender & Sexuality Resource Center dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive campus for all students. Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) was set . The LBGTQ+ Center at West Virginia University connects members of the LGBTQ+ community with on campus resources and training, as well as to state and national resources. According to the Human Rights Campaign's analysis of the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31% of LGBTQ+ youth, 43% of transgender youth, and 40% of questioning youth have been bullied at school, compared to 16% of their non-LGBTQ+ peers. But the best colleges for LGBT students can truly be a matter of life or death. It now offers more than 60 online degrees and certificates. Intentional gender neutral language, or explicit non-discrimination policies, create penalties for hate speech or discrimination, whether students are abusing other students, or faculty abuse their power in the classroom. Rutgers University, located in New Brunswick, NJ, is a top rated LGBT University. Barnum. About 40% of Lehighs student body studies at the College of Arts and Sciences. Here are the 15 Most LGBTQ-Friendly Universities For 2021 1 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois Graduation Rate: 94% Students at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business have access to several conferences that support LGBTQ students, such as Reaching Out's Annual LGBT MBA conference and the Out for Undergraduate Business Conference. Lola Rossi, a student at Haddon Heights High School in N.J., with the. Northern Arizona University LGBTQIA Commission is an organization that provides support to all students, faculty, and staff at the university. A resource library also catalogs books, movies, and other resources. Image Credit: RobinOlimb / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images, 2023, a Red Ventures Company. At the high school level, counselors are forming LGBTQ support groups to provide outlets for these students to discuss specific issues and concerns. Of the top LGBTQ+-serving institutions, The Ohio State University has the largest overall student population and a strong support system for the LGBTQ+ community. The TReC meets one on one with students to help them navigate gender identity struggles within the community. Public middle and high schools were required to follow the sex ed laws in the California Healthy Youth Act beginning in 2016, . The Princeton Review regularly ranks Ithaca College as one of the best school in the nation. The LGBTQ Center at Montclair State University provides educational and engagement opportunities for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies on campus. CU offers its LGBT students the opportunity to join the Lavender Graduation, a yearly event that honors LGBT graduates. The GSRCs website offers easy access to many resources for students determining their true gender identity. The directory also provides access to community outreach, advocacy, and activism opportunities available for further participation. The top cities were New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, followed by San Francisco and Miami. Mid Vermont Christian . This ranking, in partnership with Campus Pride, looks at the top 25 LGBTQ+-friendly colleges. The website provides tips on how to get involved, courses on gender and sexuality, health resources, workshops, and events pertinent to the community. For LGBTQ students, attending a school with an inclusive curriculum is related to less-hostile school experiences and increased feelings of connectedness to the school community. It fosters a safe campus environment and affirms members of its community. Anyone looking for information on how to support trans, and gender variant individuals in their lives is welcome. The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center collaborates with various campus partners to provide support to the LGBTQ+ community. The Safe Space Program at Virginia Wesleyan University seeks to create a safe and bias-free campus environment for the LGBTQ+ community. Resources. They provide space for all members of the Duck community to explore their identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. University of Louisville, located in Louisville, KY, has a Health Services Center that focuses on the promotion of quality healthcare for the LGBT community and create an inclusive environment for students in health sciences. A bias-based bullying prevention program providing LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklists and resources specifically designed for educators and youth-serving professionals. A girls high school basketball team in Vermont is receiving national headlines after refusing to play against a team with a transgender player in their state tournament game. This happens through consultations with center staff, Safe Zone training, and conferences. The provide outreach and education for the K-State community with the goal of promoting a better understanding and acceptance of gender diversity and identity issues. Edited by Cobretti D. Williams, Ph.D. Edited by Cobretti D. Williams, Ph.D. John Witherspoon, one of the first presidents of Princeton University, signed the Declaration of Independence. The GSRC Qmmunity Connections creates a space for community members to make connections. University of Pennsylvania Location: Philadelphia, PA Undergraduate Enrollment: 13,000 Acceptance Rate: 6% UPenn ranks high on the scorecard for recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ students. His work has been published in the Journal Angelique Geehan founded Interchange, a consulting group offering anti-oppression support. The center focuses on the intersectionality of gender, race, religion, and sexuality. Many colleges struggle to provide data-driven programs to support these students. Cities considered LGBTQ+-friendly have well-established, safe communities with activities, nightlife, housing, and events that are appealing to the LGBTQ+ community. They also allow students to select the pronoun that the student prefers. Elon is on a mission to create a campus platform where all students are welcomed and included. Online learning opportunities also allow involvement with easier access. In his kindergarten classroom, one teacher in western Massachusetts using "Rights, Respect, Responsibility" introduces the idea . Pursue Professional Development. Princeton University was established in 1746, 30 years before the American Revolution. . The Pride Office, which is part of the Center for Inclusion and Social Change, provides the LGBTQ+ community with a support system that encourages dialogue, advocacy, and education. The LGBTQ Center offers various resources for LGBTQ students, including student organizations and the Safe Space program. It consistently ranks among the top one hundred public institutes of higher learning in the country. University of Delaware ranks 4.5 on the Campus Pride Index. Enlarge this image. Resources and activities include gender-inclusive housing, health resources, gender-inclusive restrooms, policy on sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and various social and support groups. LGBTQ+ youth activists who have overcome different hardships and struggles. Sex education has always been an undercovered topic in schools, but little to no coverage ever reaches the LGBT community. The center has collaborative initiatives with other diversity programs on campus to facilitate support to the community. GSAs are made up of students of any sexual orientation or gender identity, not just gay students. The LGBTQ+ Student Development Program at Towson University was created to cultivate leadership, career development, and organizational involvement through various programs, events, and services. THE LGBTQ Center maintains a library of resources and historical artifacts related to key moments in the history of the community. For college students seeking LGBTQ+-friendly colleges, a helpful resource to consider in your research is Campus Pride, a national organization for college students seeking support and resources for LGBTQ+ issues on campus. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has a significant number of resources for members of the LGBTQ+ community to get involved in social, educational, and advocacy programs through the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). In partnership with Campus Pride, we are happy to bring you our top 25 most LGBTQ+-friendly colleges in the United States. They create a network and opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ campus community. More than 75% of their student body includes members of their high schools top 10% graduating class. PSU ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. However, schools can make a difference. NIU ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. Connecticut College ranks 4.5 on the Campus Pride Index. Ohio State University has an active LGBTQ+ community and provides comprehensive support for them with gender-inclusive housing, comprehensive health services, and faith-based support. Included in this program is The Bridge LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, providing a safe space and an informal lounge and study space for students to gather. They offer all gender campus housing for those who want to live with others regardless of their gender. Shane Windmeyer is a leading author on LGBTQ+ campus issues, national leader in LGBTQ+ civil rights, and a champion for LGBTQ+ issues on college campuses. School administrators should be aware that the U.S. Department of Education advises that transgender and gender non-conforming students are covered by Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in schools. It is also recognized as one of the top-ranked schools that generate Fulbright Scholarship beneficiaries. Image Credit: Gabriel Trujillo / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images, 2023, a Red Ventures Company, #1 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #2 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #3 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #4 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #5 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #6 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #7 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #8 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #9 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #10 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #11 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #12 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #13 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #14 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #15 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #16 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #17 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #18 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #19 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #20 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #21 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #22 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #23 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #24 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, #25 The Best Colleges for LGBTQ+ Students, The Public Ivies, Little Ivies, and Other Ivy League Equivalents, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Helping LGBTQ+ Students Choose the Right College, Campus Pride National Scholarship Database, Effective LGBTQ+ Strategies for a Safer, More Welcoming Campus, Transgender Membership in Fraternities and Sororities and Title IX, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. SDSU creates and strengthens an inclusive and affirming space and environment for persons of all sexual and gender identities and their allies. They offer a LGBT health certificate, which teaches healthcare students the knowledge to successfully treat LGBT patients. They promote inclusion and support of LGBTQA science and engineering students in College Park. Other resources include an African-American Resource Center, religious organizations, and various cultural clubs. PSU has all gender restrooms throughout the campus. They have safe zone training centered around LGBT specific health issues in medicine, practice, and research. They have gender inclusive housing in Stonewall Living Suites, which connects students interested in supporting the LGBTQA community. Tufts LGBT and Trans students can opt to visit a separate health care facility. Students benefit when they can see people who they can relate to in their school and in the curriculum they . They have gender inclusive restrooms and gender inclusive housing. Here are the top-ranked colleges for LGBTQ+ support. The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities provides educational and social programs, and leadership development for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer, and asexual (LGBTQIA) and ally students. by Debbi Johnson-Rais, Ed.D. OStem UMD promotes participation and the development of LGBTQA communities in STEM. Additional support includes access to specialized legal services, health initiatives, and professional and academic development with an LGBT+ focus. Elon University (Elon) offers a Gender & LGBTQIA Center to promote tolerance and inclusion across its campus. The Division of Student Life at UD is committed to creating spaces and activities that foster acceptance and development. Is your school on this list? In September 2016, the Michigan State Board of Education (SBE) approved its Statement and Guidance on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Students. Tufts University is a research university that was established in 1852. These organizations support various initiatives such as appropriate housing communities, restroom facilities, and gender and sexuality resources. "We are aware of the situation with one student at one of our high schools who is dissatisfied with SBISD practices, which are applied to all athletes at that campus." According to Shane Windmeyer, the founder and executive director of Campus Pride, the mission is to serve "LGBTQ+ and ally student leaders and campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs, and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBTQ+-friendly colleges and universities.". Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander was reportedly arrested after being suspended for protesting against transgender people's use of bathrooms and saying there are only two g They have a Queer Resource Center (QRT) offering resources and programming to support all students at PSU. The center is now available for drop-in appointments, organizational meetings, and studying. K-State has a Gender Collective, which is an organization that provides a safe place for trans, cross gender, intersex, androgynous, gender variant individuals. Princeton ranks 5 on the Campus Pride Index. Discrimination is still endemic: 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT; in adult life, unemployment is 13% for LGBTQ workers, and 16% for trans workers. Their programming involves social, academic, and advocacy opportunities, as well as health promotion and financial support. LGBT students can study International Affairs, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, Theology, the Social and Natural Sciences, among other majors. The goal of this minor is to study sexuality and its complex history and culture. expression. The Prism Center has been serving the LGBTQ+ population at the University of Vermont since 1999 and is a place for students to build their leadership skills, connect to the community, and advocate for equity and inclusion. Additionally, HMC provides gender inclusive housing options. American University in Washington, D.C. provides LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff with significant supportive resources through its Center for Diversity and Inclusion. The Training Outreach Program promotes institutional equity by educating campus partners on issues facing the community. Unique opportunities include the Lavender Leadership Honor Society, the #TransTerps project, and the Rainbow Terrapin Network. A Vermont girls high school basketball team forfeited an out of state tournament after refusing to play against a team that had a transgender player.. The policy says students will be treated according to their "biological sex" when it comes to names . Throughout primary school and college, students who identify as LGBTQ are more susceptible to bullying, social isolation, and even physical assault. There is a focus on the intersectionality of gender, race, religion, and sexuality. The center works to create a welcoming climate through advocacy, education, and community-building. There are a significant number of initiatives at the University of Oklahoma created to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. The University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) offers its LGBT students and faculty a safe space providing gender identity support and education through its Gender & Sexuality Center.