A diversity statement is a one-page document explaining your experiences and commitments to diversity. Our employee lifecycle processes are designed to prevent discrimination against our people regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique. How have you made your classroom accessible and inclusive? If youre driven to perform, youll fit right in. Because the diversity statement is a new addition to the application portfolio, you may find that your usual mentors are unable to give you more direct guidance in its composition. endstream endobj startxref At HPE, we know that our greatest strengths come from the people who make up our team. Have you worked with specific groups of students or student organizations? Our employees thrive when we get this right. We aim to create a workplace that celebrates the diversity of our employees, customers, and users. When writing the job posting, the details used to describe the job requirements should not exclude someone with a disability. To support an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas, weve encouraged the creation of a variety of Employee Resource Groups, including groups for Women, Veterans, LGTBQ (Pride & Allies), African Ancestry, Developing Professionals and more. for Academic Job Applications Eective diversity statements communicate to hiring committees what is often left out of CVs and teaching philosophies: your commitment to fostering diversity in the classroom and campus community. You can also try these5 Diversity toolsto write more inclusive content. At Indeed, our mission is to help all people get jobs. Diversity extends far beyond visible differences. Below are 10+ examples of Inclusion Statements I hope you draw inspiration from. We take a holistic approach. In 2019, we declared the kind of culture we want to have and the values that are important to us. We like it that way. is a nice one-two punch that draws the candidate in. In support of this allyship, we encourage our leaders and colleagues to pledge Im in. This inclusion commitment gives each individual the opportunity to demonstrate their personal dedication to an inclusive culture, while visibly identifying their allyship to others. Positive words (build, create, guiding, right), Positive words (celebrate, innovation, holistic, grow, freedom), Tying their mission to diversity in the opening line is powerful, Specificity! We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. To me, it represents a sense of belonging to a community and, with that, a fresh point of view. I can't share examples of EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) statements that I've edited, but there are plenty online, collected by UPenn, UCSD, and UGA, for example; there's also an excellent analysis of 39 diversity statements by Ching-Yune Sylvester et al , which contains example sentences from a range of job applicants . Apply to any and every role that feels like the right next step on your journey, regardless of the criteria weve listed.. Like polka dots? HPEs commitment to global Inclusion & Diversity is a stand-out on its website. A Diversity Statement may be required for some graduate and professional school applications, as part of the primary application process or as part of the supplemental or secondary application questions. Either as part of your letter of interest, your Teaching. A diversity statement is a personal writing sample that is an illustration of your past experiences and explains how these experiences have contributed to your . We are guided by the principle that celebrating diversity enriches and empowers the lives of all people. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Consistent with the Elliott School's Diversity Statement, this course values the diversity within this classroom. Download. How has the university defined diversity in the past? For some, the revision process is the most difficult part of writing. After all, the best talent values inclusivity. We create and connect these stories to people all around the globe removing the barriers of language, device, ability or connectivity. uc.edu. Although some view having a child at that age as a barrier to success, I envisioned it as motivation. . People (candidates included!) We like it that way. I believe thats a strong alternative to listing it on a Diversity page as most companies do. Much like a mission and values statement, the diversity and inclusion statement is, ideally, more than just a marketing exercise. A university that seeks this statement from applicants is typically concerned with ensuring that faculty hires are familiar with . Breaking Down Diversity Statement. Inside Higher Ed, November 19, 2018. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2018/11/19/new-paper-explores-what-faculty-candidates-include-their-diversity-equity-and. I currently serve as a resource and mentor to incoming minority students to help them succeed through the rigors of law school. 2018. However, sometimes the best way to tackle indecision about a draft is to receive feedback from a variety of different readers. Using words like asset, commitment, and celebrate show their support for inclusion and diversity. To avoid falling into this trap of listing, you need to think about your specific experiences as evidence. To see some examples of companies that dedicate an entire page to Diversity and Inclusion, check out 5+ Impressive Diversity Pages (and Why!). We believe that it is critical that our services empower freedom of thought and opinion in an environment of mutual respect. As long as you are making an honest attempt to consider your role in meeting each institutions diversity goals, then you are on the right track. Here it is: IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Commitment to Diversity Statement Headline:Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Initiatives at Curology. What populations does the university serve? Diversity Statement Sample 8: Apple. Schedule a consultation on your diversity statement. You may also choose to write three separate statements for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Discussing a topic without knowing or experiencing it first hand will make your statement sounds pretentious. Indeed You Belong at Indeed. Tell your story with examples that the reader may be able to relate to. Get Specific. Diversity Mission Statement Headline: THE SIMONS FOUNDATIONS DIVERSITY COMMITMENT. See also Googles EEO Policy and EEO is the Law. We give our best, we give our egos a break and we give of ourselves (because giving back is built into our DNA). Your diversity statement should describe how your research, teaching, and service have contributed to a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Check out Oaths low (good!) Chavous's paper, recently presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, is an analysis of faculty equity, diversity and inclusion statements required of applicants to a postdoctoral fellow-to-faculty program across dozens of disciplines at Michigan's College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Diversity is a defining feature of California's past, present, and future. Netflixs greatest impact is in storytelling. To achieve this, we put jobseekers and companies who use Indeed at the heart of everything we do. I asked myteam to send me some of the best diversity statement samples they could find. A diversity statement demonstrates how you strive for equity-based practices in your teaching, research, mentoring, and/or service. In fact, we continuously push for better.. Three areas that might be included in a statement are: 1) your values related to diversity, 2) your experiences working with diverse populations if any, 3) your personal experiences of inclusion and exclusion, and 4) your commitment to inclusivity. Again, it reads a bit more like a conversation. And Google has a longer one on its Inclusion Statement page: Googles mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. Diversity is at the core of our Vision, Mission, and Values. If you have had little interaction with students from diverse backgrounds, how have you learned about diverse student populations? 1. CarolinaGo for Android But United opts for one-liner bullets (even though theres no bullet) which can be more readable for many. How does your research inform your teaching? Equality is a core value at Salesforce. Terminology - Here are some words to consider learning about before you start writing: diversity, equality, equity, inclusion, social justice. We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. July 26, 2018 by Rob Kelly in Diversity and Inclusion, Tags: Diversity Recruiting Diversity Statment Mission Statements Plain English. The more diversity we have in our team, the more unique perspectives and bright ideas we share. Tattoos? In home office senior leadership roles, 9% are people of color and 30% are women. Join us in embracing diversity, equity and inclusion for every person in every community. Heres their overall Inclusion Statement: Thats a short-and-sweet inclusivity statement that also ties in milestones of progress and stories of employees. Now, I appreciate the invaluable perspective on life that being a single, African, gay father, raised by a single mother, has given me. Are they the same? Its an example of a large company showing they can be progressive. We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are. Just like a company vision statement, the more straightforward, the better. True excellence requires that each individual be able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and . See . They are central to our mission and to our impact. Let's look at a handful of best-in-class approaches: 1. Diversity and Inclusion Statement Headline:Inclusion & Diversity at Aon. This handout will help you write a diversity statement in preparation for an academic job. The Contributions to Diversity Statement should describe your past efforts, as well as future plans to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Is the university in the midst of any diversity initiatives? Stories like13th, Disclosure, Selena, Da 5 Bloods, SpecialandThe Half of Itbroaden representation, empathy and understanding. Make sure that you address the needs of the department and university. After all, part of the goal in writing this statement is presenting yourself as capable and competent in teaching and interacting with the students whom the university serves. Your diversity statements should be chock full of positive words like: This can be useful as long as you tie it in well to your diversity statement (like Google does). Narrow your focus to teaching. The diversity of our community takes many forms. In this essay, some applicants might choose to self-identify. Using excellence as a comparison to being diverse in many ways. On that same Inclusion web page, Deloitte talks about the six research-based inclusive behaviors to advance inclusion including Chief Inclusion Officer: Deloitte also has a lengthier statement of Inclusivity here:Six signature traits of inclusive leadership(includes infographic). Note: If you like this article, you might IBMs web site has an Overall Inclusion Statement andInclusion Statement for Employment. Campus Box #5135 What Is a Diversity Statement, Anyway? In The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide To Turning Your Ph.D. Amazons Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement. Download our "Composing Your Diversity Statement" worksheet. Headline/Sub-Headline Uniqueness is powerful and Be yourself. Indeeds mission is to help people get jobs. 0127 SASB North The Diversity Statement runs about 15% for your thoughts and 85% for your actions. Our Diversity & Inclusion programming includes respectful workplace workshops for everyone. Outside readers can help you see any shortcomings, point out places where you might need more information, and affirm that you have done a complete job. DEI statements serve two critical purposes at your company. To do that well, we need a workforce thats more representative of the users we serve. Read our 2019 Diversity Annual Report to hear from Danielle Brown, Vice President of Employee Engagement, and Melonie Parker, Global Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, on how we plan to deliver our strategy. Diverse student populations have been shown to connect . Try to find examples from successful job candidates. Gusto also has multiple pages on its site about Inclusivity such as its Special Report: Diversity and Inclusion with Gusto. %PDF-1.5 % Statement of Inclusion Headline:AT&T Diversity & Inclusion. I am writing to apply for the position of Diversity and Inclusion Manager with your company. A successful diversity statement talks about your background and how you will create a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all students. Most statements are written simply and are easily understandablethis is a key attribute you should keep in mind. Passion for technology and world changing? We believe that each United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee must have equal access to solving community problems. Building the Culture build a welcoming workplace in which employees recognize that their unique characteristics, skills and experiences are respected, valued and celebrated. That shows that they are more than just talk. Be part of it. IBM is also committed to compliance with all fair employment practices regarding citizenship and immigration status. Thats cool. As such, statements can be requested of all applicants (e.g. For example, if you've previously served as a Mellon Mays mentor, and the . In a nutshell, the candidate should use their brains, rather than brawn, to do the job well. Thats why weve embraced a refreshed and accelerated approach to diversity and inclusion. Many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment. Heres a list to check out: For a long time, the experiences and characteristics that set me apart were the things I felt compelled to suppress. Statement, or as a separate statement. Statement 1 My commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion manifests in two primary ways. It fuels our innovation and connects us closer to our customers and the communities we serve. We take accountability, we take bold steps, and we take difference to heart. They link off to their diversity report, Short URL diversity.google.com (this is better than being buried in a URL like google.com/about-us/diversity-inclusion, 9.8th grade reading level (better than average). Crafting a Diversity StatementMany graduate students preparing for career entry understand the importance of a well-crafted teaching philosophy or research statement. 10.14 grade level readability (above average, especially for a law school essay!). We will work for real change and progress in diverse recruitment, hiring and advancement.. Netflix Diversity Statement Sample Diversity Inclusion Statement Headline: Inclusion on-screen starts with inclusion in the office. We believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive Equality for all. Compelling headline! We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because its the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger. Make it autobiographical. Creating a culture of Equality isnt just the right thing to do, its also the smart thing. Getting words like history, culture and identity in the opening sentence is a strong start. Headline Using the word equal instead of the usual diversity or inclusiveness makes Salesforce stand out. How have you modified class discussions and course materials to include all your students? Compass also has a more in-depthInclusion Statement page. Shows seriousness. outlines your track record of working with diverse groups of people and advancing DEI. As I learned to embrace my upbringing, my sexuality, and my role as a father, I saw the value of each. Length = 23 words (one of the shortest weve seen! Using safety and at home in the first sentence connects to personal needs. Sample statements include: At the University of Nebraska, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Details. hb```f``e`a`gc@ >rXY0A:24?xDWm~Z`@ Jobcases job postings use this diversity and inclusion statement: If you are looking to join a company where you can proudly bring your whole self to work, we invite you to apply today. Much like a teaching statement what . Diversity fuels the Un-carrier spirit. Our Employee Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosts great events like National Indigenous Day, Canadian Multicultural Day, Pink Shirt Day, Lunar New Year, Black History Month and much more. Next, chose your diversity conflict . 1. During my externship last summer, I learned about the significant number of minorities affected by the crisis. It is helpful to use some of the language you see in these pages to describe your own perspectives on diversity, since sharing common themes can make your statement more relevant to the search committee. At Uber, our mission is to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. Because my mother did not receive higher education, I relied on the guidance of mentors to navigate academia. Below are some questions you might consider: These questions can help you consider the institutions commitments and make clear the populations of students with whom you will be interacting. Diversity statements for faculty job applications. We commit ourselves to promoting better understanding and appreciation of our human diversity; a commitment which is best realized through our individual and collective effort. 2015. Workday's "Making an Impact with Workday's" highlights its diversity statement. The best diversity statements have a headline (other than just Diversity Statement) because it helps you stand out. Awareness of inequities and challenges in education faced by historically In last week's Grad15 mini-webinar, Graduate Student Support Resources director Amanda Athey shared some tips and strategies on creating another piece in your job-hunting arsenal: the diversity statement. Engaging & Developing support employees in building the skills and capacity to work in an inclusive manner with one another and with the communities we serve. Applicants are requested to submit a Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion providing your career aspirations and contributions toward promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. OCS is professionally and personally committed to celebrating the rich diversity of people who receive, live and work in our services and resources. Value inclusion, belonging, and equity for all. You can mention that you have researched or studied pedagogy working with diverse groups of students. Day to day, we focus on the give and take. Research into the impact of syllabus diversity statements on classroom behavior remains slim, but the practice is widely accepted and deemed advantageous. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Check out this article for inspiration:Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 License. cover letters, and other Were always growing our network of people, programs and tools all designed to help employees grow and manage their careers. Left to itself, there is a natural tendency to tighten this distribution. Google is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. At AT&T, we align diversity & inclusion to four pillars our employees, the communities we serve, our customers and our suppliers. How might you apply the knowledge you have learned in the future? Below are a few examples of different organizational strategies: Think of your statement as a narrative (past, present, future). Overall, this is an example of PepsiCo being different (in a great way) than many in the industry. Neglecting to consider the short term and long term goals of the university or the needs of the student population at the institution makes you appear at best unprepared or ill-informed and at worst obtuse. We take the broadest possible view of diversity. WID President Yolanda Johnson gives this advice to organizations re: DEI statements: Making DEI a core value helps to ensure that change will come from within the organization and will help protect these efforts from claims that it is not a priority. (source: Using words like embracing and building show their support for inclusion and diversity. typically the first paragraph opening up their diversity page or the words used for their diversity section in their job descriptions or a workplace diversity statement that might be plastered on your office walls). Accessed April 4, 2014. https://chroniclevitae.com/groups/diversity-in-hiring/making-sense-of-the-diversity-statement. Conversational opening Notice that they opened up with two one-word sentences (Diversity. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statement requirements for job applicants seeking univer - sity faculty posts seem increasingly common. To write an effective diversity essay, include vulnerable, authentic stories about your unique identity, background, or perspective. A Culture of Creativity is life at GoDaddy. The lack of a standard form allows for creative freedomhopefully a positive. Does the office of institutional research publish public reports about diverse populations? Specificity Rules! as the UC diversity statement notes, it is "the source of innovative ideas and creative accomplishments". This means being inclusive, giving the benefit of the doubt and being responsible for each other. Have you worked with non-traditional students? Googles philanthropic arm Google.org takes an ever deeper dive (check out their Inclusion statement page. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, innovation, self-expression, and talent that our employees invest in their work represents not only part of our culture, but our reputation and Duos achievement as well. Specific strategies you have used to include all students in the classroom. Diversity Inclusion Statement Headline: United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. This strategy focuses on you as an individual, and it should explain how diversity has impacted your career. After you have developed a statement that reflects your strengths and experiences related to diversity, inclusion, and equity, you may wish to tailor it for individual job applications. An abundance of words that have proven to attract women (strive, nurture, inclusive, shared, commitment, creative), 8.1st grade level readability (Excellent!). Duo has this Inclusionstatement on its job postings: Duo is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. Better representation on-screen starts with representation in the office. They have become vital copy to attract the best talent. How has the universitys alumni magazine discussed the current student population? Different perspectives, unique ways of thinking our Associates are as varied as our products. Highlight their headline in company colors: 9.37 grade level readability (above average). The second use is less common to align your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with your overall business . As a piece of our overarching People Strategy, the Diversity & Inclusion program has three main goals: We recognize that an inclusive and diverse work environment respects the unique characteristics, skills and experiences of all employees. Sub-Headline . However, it does not mean that you do not have options. Specific events or initiatives you participated in and their success. You also might want to reflect on how diversity is discussed on your current or most recent campus, and compare it to how diversity is discussed at the potential new campus. Conversely, schools in North Carolina might be concerned with the enrollment and matriculation of Indigenous students. If you have less to no understanding of these subjects, do your research to learn about this matter. Because without diversity of thought and a commitment to equality for all, there is no moving forward. The most compelling diversity statements offer your definitions of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDIB) and demonstrate how your research, teaching, and service actualize your EDIB goals. 1. 9.36 grade level readability (above average). This is understandable, because similar groups are more predictable, more agreeable, and tend to share similar goals. As you describe one, or all three, of the research, teaching and service triad in your statement, be sure to link to opportunities at the place where you are applying. Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. A successful faculty application diversity statement. Editors Note of December 7, 2022: Since we first published this we found another 15+ awesome diversity statements so our list is now more than 25! We approach our work fearlessly, learn quickly, improve constantly, and celebrate our wins at every turn. At Comcast NBCUniversal, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. Some schools that request diversity statements also provide clear instructions on how these should be written, and it makes sense to follow these directions carefully. Compelled to assist my community, I used my mortgage experience to provide guidance on the loan modification process with the hope that homeowners in default would save their homes. A statement invites applicants to describe their past, present, and/or future aspirations to promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity in their careers as researchers and educators, and/or to convey how they see these commitments continuing at Cornell. Show off your ink. Coca-Cola has this Inclusive statement on its job postings: Include, value and trust each other. I believe diversity inclusion in the classroom and research laboratory is critical for academic and research success. And we are working to increase diversity in all our management teams. The Diversity Statement. We strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. You can include reflective questions and examples that you can use as guidance and important elements that you can include in your statement document. HPE says: We believe anyone can change the world. In this case, it will be a good idea to focus on future plans. Netflix says: It Takes Diversity Of Thought, Culture, Background, And Perspective To Create A Truly Global Storytelling Platform. Check out this article for inspiration:Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos. Headline = A Culture of Creativity is life at GoDaddy.
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