Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty The hosts of The Armstrong & Getty Show dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved-- without being angry. BILL CAMP, labor leaderMany decry the sometimes down-and-dirty tactics of the Sacramento Central Labor Council executive secretary/CEO, but if youre running for office, its way better to have him on your side than not. After fewer than two years at the helm, many consider him forgiven: Membership and underwriting are up significantly, the market is expanding (160,000 listeners for KXJZ alone puts it in the top five locally, a major feat for a public station), and local news and talk programming are filling an ever-increasing void. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The VP of development for Atlanta-based Thomas Enterprises has racked up impressive victories within the past year starting with the long-awaited approval this past December of The Railyards on the 240-acre Union Pacific site in downtown Sac. Estimated Net Worth in 2020. What's next? This cookie is used for registering unique ID for identifying the returning user's device. The former Sac County supervisor and Metro Chamber president (yes, hes one of those Niellos), who represents the 5th District as a Republican, is regarded as a genuine, no-nonsense leader with a host of legislative accomplishments under his belt. . Rosenberg, whose award-winning eponymous dance ensemble made waves in Sac throughout the 90s, today is a sought-after mentor and connector for the regions performing artists. BILL BLAKE, theater managing directorThe yang to B Street Theatre artistic director Buck Busfields yin knows how to implement grand visions and stands ready to take the theater to an even higher level as it prepares to relocate to Sutter Medical Centers urban village. HARDY ACREE, airport directorThis Arkansas-born Houston airport transplant has a $1.3 billion plan to transform outmoded Sacramento International Airport into a transportation hub befitting a burgeoning city. Since then, hes shuffled the talent and picked up the pace, drawing both cheers and boos in the blogosphere. STEVE SCHROEDER and KRAIG CLARK, high-tech execsThese former Sac State roomies founded CoreLogic Systems Inc., a company specializing in computerized home-mortgage risk analysis, and 10 years later in February 2007 sold it to First American Real Estate Solutions LLC for $400 million. In 1979, nine years after he quit teaching to take a job at his father-in-laws company, Lucchetti became president and CEOand nothings been the same since. On July 28, 2010, Armstrong and Getty were tipped off by a listener that a fellow radio talk show host, Doug Stephan, had been stealing audio material from the Armstrong and Getty show, editing the audio, and using it in his show in an attempt to portray it as if he were speaking to their caller. Dr. Joe is normally used as a male first name. This cookie is set by pubmatic.com. He and his wife Laura have two young sons, as well as two dogs, two cats, a horse, innumerable goats and several more beasts roaming throughout their property. This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. Listen to Armstrong & Getty live 6-10 am PDT or catch their podcasts any damn time you want: The Top 10: America's top ten local talk show hosts: #1 - Tim Conway/Los Angeles. This is used to determine if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". ABE ALIZADEH, developerFrom taco maker to titan in 28 years, this Roseville-based Iranian immigrant is one of the regions most prolific and fearless developers, with a staggering empire of restaurants (including dozens of Jack in the Boxes, where he got his start), office buildings, shopping malls, and condos up and down the West Coast. The following list reflects this new game. McKeever, executive director of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments who managed SACOGs award-winning Blueprint Project, is just the man to ask. This cookie is used for targeting and advertising purpose. The Armstrong & Getty Show, produced by iHeartMedia, now has 15 station affiliates and can be heard mornings on stations including: KEIB/Los Angeles, KFMB/San Diego, KTTH/Seattle, KEX/Portland, and KSTE/Sacramento. (He was active in radios consolidation in the 1990s.) JOHN DANGBERG, assistant city managerAn expert in the art of the deal, the architect of the citys economic development strategy was the key negotiator in getting the downtown Greyhound bus station relocated, K Street jump-started, The Railyards moved forward and the Sheraton Grand deal wrapped up. Shes been instrumental in growing the Sacramento UCDMC campus and establishing a nursing school, and has seen research funding increase from $55 million in 2000 to $148.4 million. Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes in All the Money in the World, three people familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly about it tell USA TODAY, while Michelle Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling less than $1,000. Of course. RUTH ROSENBERG, arts consultantAt regional arts events, people who meet her for the first time often react thusly: Are you the Ruth Rosenberg? Immediately they know theyre in the presence of a giant, though dancers, even retired ones, are hardly known for their heft. If you think your job is tough, just be glad the San Francisco Bay Bridge or Interstate 5 isnt being restructured on your watch. Jack Armstrong became a radio DJ in Kansas the late 1980s. This cookie is used to store information of how a user behaves on multiple websites. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. That's what's on the menu, every weekday, on The Armstrong & Getty Show. Thanks largely to Simons efforts, were well on our way. We dug deeper this time, both in terms of the people included and the variety of fields represented. MORT and MARCY FRIEDMAN, philanthropistsThe Arden Fair mall owners are chairing the largest fundraising effort in the Crocker Art Museums history: $100 million to expand the building and add to the museums endowment. Pete Wilson worked as one of Gov. SUHEIL TOTAH, development execHes proven that perseverance pays off when backing underdogs. This coookie is used to collect data on visitor preference and behaviour on website inorder to serve them with relevant content and advertisement. Hes looking ahead to building a new $38 million ER facility and acquiring land in Elk Grove to build a new medical complex, which should tie in nicely with his other position: chairman of the Elk Grove Economic Development Corp. C.C. After raising three kids, theyre now empty nesters who can often be found roaming various hillsides with their judgmental dog, Baxter. This cookie is set by the provider Yahoo. Top 10 Wealthiest Families in the World Walton Family Walmart. Not so much. Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty - announce that the. According to statements made on the air, Joe trumped the competition to land his first job because he was the only one who typed his cover letter. This cookie is used for Yahoo conversion tracking. Joe Madison's Net Worth: $65 Million. Google any regional green conference and chances are, hes on the panel. This cookie is used for the functionality of website chat-box function. JEANNE REAVES, president/CEO, River City BankShes stepping down, but not out. Who out of the following 100 people make up your top 10? What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation . The former Sac Metro Chamber Businesswoman of the Year gets double the kudos for civic-mindedness. This cookie is passed to Hubspot on form submission and used when deduplicating contacts. It is used to deliver targeted advertising across the networks. She proceeds to sell all of the various pieces of art that Getty had collected. These data are then used to segment audiences based on the geographical location, demographic, and user interest provide relevant content and for advertisers for targeted advertising. It contain the user ID information. After all, laughter is the best medicine during these complicated times. Unlike his showboating pop, who admits to talking without a filtering system, Nelson is a more serious type who tries to avoid the limelight. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. This cookie is used to set a unique ID to the visitors, which allow third party advertisers to target the visitors with relevant advertisement up to 1 year. DOUG YOUNGDAHL, almond co-op execIts scary trying to figure out how youre going to unload in excess of a billion pounds of almonds a yeareven if they are in every health nuts cupboardbut Blue Diamonds president/CEO had a plan. Joseph John Pagliarulo (born August 1, 1966), also known on the air as Joe Pags, is an American nationally syndicated conservative television and radio talk show host. (What else would you expect from a guy who constructed interdependent economies out of Legos at age 4?) But weve also included high tech, media, green, public relations and diningfields that previously stayed below the collective radar but that have become ever more important in shaping our lives. DENNIS MANGERS, retired lobbyist, adviserDubbed the Gay Godfather by the Sacramento News & Review, the now openly homosexual former assemblyman quit his gig as a powerful cable lobbyist to become the right-hand man of soon-to-be state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. This cookie contains partner user IDs and last successful match time. The cookie is set by StackAdapt used for advertisement purposes. This cookie is set by the provider Infolinks. The hosts of The Armstrong & Getty Show dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved--without being angry. It comes with the territory. Under Lewis direction, California Musical Theatre established the Wells Fargo Pavilion as a permanent home for Music Circus, partnered with the city to build a new performing arts studio at 14th and H streets and this month is launching a key piece of K Street revitalization: The Cosmopolitan Cabaret, a 208-seat theater reminiscent of the golden days of New York City nightlife. In 2015 Forbes listed the Gettys as the 56th richest family in America. The 56-year-old Trochet has argued for spraying to combat West Nile virus, needle exchanges for drug users, programs to address health inequities, the creation of an immunization registry, and increased screening, testing and treatment to reduce the countys embarrassingly high STD rate. Armstrong & Getty Select Cuts features only the absolute beefiest segments from the broadcast show! By Peter White. Stephen never admitted to the allegations, but apologized, saying that the calls were misplaced and accidentally played on his Good Day show.[4]. The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors. Catch the duo doing what they do besttalkingwhen they emcee Sacramentos magazines 10th annual Best of Sacramento Party on Dec. 4 at the Sacramento Convention Center. AMADOR BUSTOS, media mogulThe quintessential American Dream success story, the Bustos family turned a one-horse Spanish-language radio station in Cameron Park into a media empire, selling its initial round of holdings to Entravision in 2000 for a cool $475 million. Fans (Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives 4th District Tom McClintock is one; Mayor Heather Fargo is not) love their brand of info-tainment: news and social commentary that leans neither right nor left, but says aloud, often in a wickedly funny way, what many of us are really thinking. While on vacation last week, Joe and his wife went to the beach, and his future has finally come into focus. Armstrong & Getty On Demand. In several cases, these men and women are imposing alternative visions. Halleck runs the nations sixth largest credit union, which serves close to 680,000 members, has 74 offices and $6.7 billion in assets. Copyright 2023 Cumulus Media / Cumulus Media is an equal opportunity employer / AA, Brian Sussmans News and Views You Wont Hear Anywhere Else, CPACs Mercedes Schlapp to Newsmax: DirecTV Removing Newsmax An Outrage, Steve Bannon at CPAC: Fox News Has Disrespected Trump Long Enough, Scientist Who Helped Create Russias COVID Vax Found Strangled to Death, Matt Schlapp to Newsmax: Trumps Authentic Truth Plays Best at CPAC, Pelosi: I Wish Biden Wouldve Told Us First About DC Crime Bill. This cookie is used to store information of how a user behaves on multiple websites. As of last fall, Brothers is back on KCRA Channel 3 (where he previously anchored the news) to replace Sullivan as the financial analyst after leaving his morning news anchor position at KFBK. So far, so good: The Kings owners, she says, are very supportive of the NBAs and Cal Expos plans to work toward building an arena at the fairgrounds. KURT SPATARO, chef/restaurateurThis 25-plus-year veteran of the Sacramento restaurant scene is the executive chef of Paragary Restaurant Group. To be sure, shes shaking things up and has a turbulent road ahead. BOB CHASE, chief building officialAfter 35 years as a private-sector architect, Chase took a pay cut to become a chief building official for the city of Sacramento, where he resolves complex development issues, enforces the citys building and housing codes, and oversees numerous boards and commissions. And, Jack & Joe can be followed socially via both Facebook and Twitter. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The economy of Kuwait is heavily dependent on oil exports as it has one of the largest global reserves. iHeart Schwarzenegger into law. He chose to stay in the region and mentor other high-tech entrepreneurs, and today is the CEO of Folsom-based Freepath Inc., which provides technologies to enable the sharing of digital contentwhich, if youve ever sat through a bad PowerPoint presentation, should be welcome news indeed. Never mind the chronic state budget mess or his sinking approval ratings, our movie-star guv has made Sacramento cool or at least notable in the eyes of everyone. Wessman assumed the publishers position after Kennedy retired in December, after more than two decades spent building the Journal into one of the most in-the-know voices in the local business community. This cookie is used to serve the visitor with relevant contents and advertisement. He is poised to bring his technical chops to bear in the new era of digital media, and continue KVIEs innovative programming and audience growth. His career at The Sacramento Bee, supplemented by judging stints at wine competitions and cooking contests, spans more than a quarter centurylong enough to chronicle and guide the local dining revolution from meatloaf stagnation to cosmopolitan innovation.DOUG ELMETS, public relations execProbably the most oft-quoted source in the Bee, the point man for Indian tribes, political candidates and developers flies under the radar but knows everyone and has his fingers in a lot of pies. In addition, the philanthropic branch of the tribal government has given $6 million to area nonprofits and tsunami and Hurricane Katrina relief. This cookie is set by Google and stored under the name dounleclick.com. Kuwaiti Dinar has been the highest currency in the world for a while now because of the oil-rich countrys economic stability. Mittelstaedt and his wife, Darin, are quiet but major contributors to childrens charities and in 2006 donated $1.5 million to the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Take a unique look at the life of Jack Armstrong through the lens of his Twitter Account! WILL KEMPTON, Caltrans directorVery few people have more power over our day-to-day lives than Kempton, who is responsible for 50,000 miles of highway and freeway lanes, directs the states inter-city rail services, and permits more than 400 airports and heliports. He oversees a dozen establishments, including Paragarys Bar and Oven, Esquire Grill, Monkey Bar, Blue Cue, Spataro, the brand-new Cosmo Cafe at 10th and K, and Paragarys Bar and Grill in Stockton. Theyll kick off the first concert next year or in 2010 at a major venue in Sacramento. MIKE McKEEVER, regional plannerTheyre coming: 1.7 million more people and 1 million more jobs to the region in the next 45 years. This cookie is used for advertising campaigns on the website. Call Us Studio Line: 415-295-KFTC (5382) Newsroom Line: 866-331-8255. With such a high demand for oil, Kuwaits currency is bound to be in demand.4 days ago. DARRELL CORTI, grocer, wine expertThis Vintners Hall of Famers unerring palate introduces us to delicacies heretofore unknown around these parts: tuna from Spain, spice blends from Yemenyou get the drift.
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