Does that help? Will I need bushings on my lift arms for this QH? Home page; Parts Without sturdiness, you may not have the desired control over the machine. I'll post it here when it goes live @3pm. The harbor freight one is $100, and when on sale can be even cheaper. Questions Can someone explain the difference between the working depths? If you already have an account with us, please login at the login form. Add to Cart. I know that it has been stated that the heavier the tiller the better it is for untilled ground. There are lots of choices in the tiller world. County Line tillers do come with mower blades whereas King Kutters come with box blades. The Countyline tillers have a broken gearbox quite often. Love all the videos, wife loves them too as we both grew up near a lot of farms and our new house is surrounded by cow country, have been working our way through all the videos and learning massively. Get it now. I used to be a mechanic for tractors big and small. Required fields are marked *. The 72 Gear Driven 3-Pt. However, it is easy to be happy with the King Kutter with no heavy use. Try to avoid tilling at low rpms. Planning for a garden is exciting. The buyers only options are to get the item fixed, replaced, or get a refund. I have used it extensively on 3 gardens and over 2 acres of food plots. Not exactly sure how RK wrangled a better price for these than the King Kutter branded ones. Raya Pajajaran No.19, RT.03/RW.06, Sukasari, Kec. Easy but aggravating enough solution, pull the iMatch off and the lift arms swing in just fine to pick up the Cat 0 spacing. junior. PGF Double-Action Sickle Bar Mower - Cutting Width, Model SKM296, 8-Ft. Oil bath lubrication with all gear-driven driveline. You must log in or register to reply here. Bluetooth Hearing Protection for Your Compact Tractor! I have a 1950 ford 8N. Thanks in part to your many videos, I know the XB will work. Tim, I have really enjoyed and appreciate all the videos you have done. Power Rake Vs Tiller | Which one is Best? Tim, while this does cover LOTS of info. If you have any wood chips on top of the soil, it will also be put deep in the soil by this tiller. This Category 1 tiller includes a PTO shaft with . With 6 tines per flange, y. The offset may make it show just a bit of tire track on one side of the 47 wide tractor. Thats probably my best option and Ill keep the land pride QH 05 as a backup for my other implements if needed. Raya Pajajaran No.19, RT.03/RW.06, Sukasari, Kec. Find Our list of top 10 tillers for Hard soil. I had to buy a new shaft when I bought this tiller used because the original shaft had been cut VERY short. Throwing rocks forward is frustrating because that just keeps them in the path of the tiller so that they will be encountered again. Add to Cart. Get it now. The shoes will go into the ground more each trip. Cutting the PTO shaft is not difficult, as I illustrate in the above episode. See rule #1! This is a great tiller for the money. Overall, I would choose the forward rotating tiller again if I were to buy another one. Rotary Tiller at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. What are the Differences: Bose Soundbar 300 vs 500 vs 700? Compare the metal gauges and inspect the welds. Thus, if you buy a county line tiller the manual you get suggests you contact king Kutter for your queries. I don***8217;t want to cut down my PTO shaft until I***8217;m sure I can use it. Some Tartar models can be converted between forward and reverse tine rotation. Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16142, Indonesia. CountyLine Rotary Tiller is perfect for cultivating, aerating, and Some details need attention. I would not recommend an offset tiller. The housing is made in the USA, the gearbox, driveshaft, and likely the blades are made in China. I just got the tiller assembled and when hooking up to the quick hitch, the top hook of the quick hitch is about 1 inch too low. From the reading I have done the counter-rotating is the same thing as reverse rotation. A common solution is inserting corn head grease inside the oil of the gearbox. Never even thought about it Cory. But make sure you can get parts. Tim How about an interior home tour once you get settled? Theres a spring system on the little push button. Hope this helps you and saves your time and money! You can also make use of one when you let your garden plot lay fallow but desire to evade the topsoil from getting laden or crusty with undesired plant growth. I have the Land pride QH 05 and the top hook is fixed. Further, if you observe the county tiller a sticker is present on the implement. Video about a Brand New 48\" County Line tiller from Tractor Supply.I normally would have tried finding a higher quality unit on the used market to buy but I needed this in a jam for a big job the next day that I was making good money on. Tilling the soil is an important part of nearly all folk farming practices; however, there are several other methods for tilling the land. If you have a Deere 2-Series, Kubota B series, use a similar rule, get a tiller just wider than your tractor. Most equipment uses either a shear-bolt or a slip-clutch to provide this protection. I just like seeing people happy. All of the County Line tillers (here in PA.) that I've seen have a Tarter label on them somewhere. Language: English English; Currency: USD . It forms a thick consistency and acts to seal the break. Tillers are introduced in different attachments so that the farmers can change their planting routines without throwing old tools. Forward rotation simply kicks them out of the way temporarily, but next time you till you have to deal with them again. We have clay soil in these parts. Tim we have a local implement manufacturer in Tennessee call Ironcraft, and they make a good tiller per the specifications. To return to work, one must replace the broken bolt with a new one of the same hardness to continue providing the same level of protection. Go over the ground repeatedly. For example, you can plant any kind of seeds and seedlings there. Keep up the great work and content and Congratulations on the new property. Thats what the owners manual suggested also. King Kutter is the manufacturer of County Line Tillers that are wonderful garden farmers or tillers. It is made by Tarter. I'm wondering if the 5 footer will work on my 2650. I just got the tiller assembled and when hooking up to the quick hitch, the top hook of the quick hitch is about 1 inch too low. Comparison Table: King Kutter vs Tarter Tiller Tiller [] And much more. We make consolidating, marketing and tracking your social media website easy. Six should till 50% faster, but I think my four tine is a little more tolerant of my rock pit due to more space between the tines. Going back to rotation direction: Ive had both types, and although the reverse rotation has a few undesirable quirks, I much prefer it over the forward rotation. From the above article, the difference and comparisons between the King Kutter and County Line tillers have been distinguished. My soil does not have many rocks within 8 inches of top so think about reverse but do not want to spend this much money and regret the purchase your thought? The slip-clutch allows the operator to adjust it as necessary. So, if you want to know [], Comparison Table Mantis Garden Tiller: Mantis is the most famous small tiller machine in the world. For the warranty to be valid, the product must be registered online or the warranty card must be filled out and sent to Ardisam within 30 days of purchase. Yes, I needed to cut the shaft to work without the quick hitch. Is there a CargoBuckle in your future? Cutting tines broader than other tillers. My experience with a reverse rotation tiller is limited to the walk-behind variety, as neighbor Bob had one. This is an interesting market where the US built product is lowest price and (in my opinion) the highest quality available. At first I didnt have a quick hitch. [] who has a tiller seems to love it, no matter the details, so this might be a waste of effort. On the other hand. Most tillers have 'forward rotation' tines, but you can get some with 'reverse rotation'. They are pretty good machines. Diesel and gas, though I prefer diesel. This is not a trivial process, but it might be nice to have the option available. That should get you the answer you are looking for. I would have loved to have bought a King Kutter branded product but Rural King had this one at $500 less. Ugh. If you look on the sticker on the implement, it states "for questions contact King Kutter at (phone number)". Best Price CountyLine, 6 ft Rotary Tiller. It saw a lot more use then. $909.00 Ex Tax:$909.00. Welcome to King Kutter Inc. Family owned since 1978. A reverse direction tiller digs deeper and can hinder the tractor its attached to. When you compare king Kutter tiller of 6-feet by keeping next to 5-feet high county line tiller. It wasnt something that I needed. Cutting Width, Model, L-72-80-HD, CountyLine Manual Headgate with Heavy Duty Chute, King Kutter Box Frame Disc Harrow - 6 1/2ft Wide, 20-20-NBF, CountyLine Rotary Tiller, 4 ft. W, Sub-Compact, King Kutter Rotary Kutter - 72in, Model L-72-60-P, 60 HP, King Kutter Heavy-Duty Rear Blade - 96in, ( Model HD-RB-96 ), Transfer Flow Split Refueling Tank System - 50-50 Gallon. When you use a county tiller you have to pass two times from any part of the soil. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Gear Driven rotary tiller. I dont have an opinion on L vs. C. Havent studied it. Reverse rotation buries plants a bit better. Moreover, it will raise, oxygenize, and cultivate the sand in your farms, yards, lawns, and gardens. This allows you to till out your tire tracks with each pass. I really like the KKII-TG-60 due to the weight and robust tube frame. Im guessing thats hp at the PTO?) In past years multiple advances take place in gardening. All else being equal, I would prefer the faster spinning tiller. And so on. The LandPride rep says the tiller will only bounce if the tines are worn out. The carryall frame and a center buster from the King Kutter XB brand also fall in this category. So you see, the engine power requirements are also quite similar. In the case of square back cutters, the price ranges from $1,500 - 2,000. Have you looked at the County Line from Tractoe Supply? However, it looks the same as those on King Kutter. is a participant in Amazon Services Associates Program an affiliate advertising program to earn advertising fees. The QH15 at my dealer was like $450 I think. Your shopping cart has been saved, the items inside it will be restored whenever you log back into your account. I have a 1025R without a FEL. Land Pride, King Kutter, and Tartar both make excellent tillers. You are using an out of date browser. Many of our viewers own subcompact tractors, so lets consider these specifically. Johns Mower Store, Secure Payment with PayPal - Free 30 day money back guarantee when you ! Why compromise? I would recommend the 6-tine version. I will add it to the web post here, but I dont have time to update the video before posting. There is a movable skid that aids in setting the depth. There are cost effective quality 4 tillers readily available which are not offset. While the range of price varies from $900 to $2,500 for 48 and 60-inch tillers. I will NOT have a tiller that doesnt have a slip clutch. You will be notified by e-mail once your account has been activated by the store owner. L3301HST, LA525FEL, 66" QA BUCKET, L8455CRUISE CONTROL KIT, WR LONG 3RD FUNCITIO. Tim And i do. 2. For my 2501 the maximum rotary tiller size is 60", and the 2501 and 2650 have nearly identical PTO HP ratings of around 19 HP. After seeing that this unit had been sitting outside and looked a little rough, I was skeptical to buy it. There is a bonus to a 510 lb tiller, hanging out back it is a great ballast for rooting about with the loader. The last page of the manual is the warranty page and has KingkutterII at the top of the page. One very nice enhancement to the 3 Point Hitch system is the Quick Hitch. What Did You Say? When I first got it, I didnt expect to use it much. But which one is better? If you already have an account with us, please login at the login form. (Its rated for 20-35 hp tractors. Established in 2009, we are the largest online community of Kubota tractor and equipment owners. King Kutter is more mid range. Gardening is at its top nowadays. I have a 60 inch Country Way tiller from Rural King that I purchased this spring. I definitely wouldn't go over 5ft. That is the tines turn counter direction to the drive wheels, a.k.a. In this article, we are going to [], Soil Pulverizer vs. Tiller is a hot topic among the farmer and agriculture experts. , Works great with a john deere rotary tiller, Tines are ideal for ample ground penetration, Soil is tilled uniformly due to its subcompact design, Longevity of use is ensured, provided you use it properly, Ideal for garden use and for small tractors due to its size and working capacity, Cannot convert tines into counter rotating ones, Excellent slip clutch to provide better efficiency, Allows easy addition of organic material to soil, Ideal garden tiller at tractor supply stores. Then, when I got the quick hitch, it was/is perfect. I have two of these units and they are both still going strong with heavy use. Now for a special TTWT thought which likely almost every reader will disagree with. no one touched on tractor speed. What Are The Differences Between Middle Buster Vs. Regardless of the shape and size, there is a significant difference between tarter till and kind Kutter that you must know. First, it will be heavier. You can get away with a 60 tiller in an existing garden. I think I summarized it pretty well in this article, right? County line tillers are considered effective cultivators for lawns and gardens. Which doesnt speak good. When you till the land with county line tiller it will leave a satisfactory soil for you. Thanks again for the great site. You have been logged off your account. On the surface, the gear drive would seem more durable, but the simplicity of the chain drive has its advantages too. Buy CountyLine 48 in. Are they raised all the way up? They are summarized below: Working performance, blades, ease of use, motor power etc are a few things to consider when buying tillers. You can adjust the skids for depth but be careful not to drag the chain case. I believe you left out some things. In the end gear box, King Kutter uses 00 grease (looks like thick yellowish oil). Hope this isnt way too late for you. First, is your tiller a foward or reverse direction? King Kutter Rotary Kutter W-Slip Clutch - 72in, Model L-72-40-SC, 40 HP, King Kutter Gear- Tiller Width TG-48, Driven Rotary Tiller - 4ft, King Kutter Heavy-Duty Rotary Kutter - 72in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just use low range and go very slow then the hard dirt magically fluffs up. However, for sod, or harder or muddy soils, I find the 48 to sometimes be more than Johnny (our 1025R) wants. Tartars website indicates that all of their products are made in the USA. Learn how your comment data is processed. i just bought a Country Way (looks like a KK) at Rural King. Really soil content, ground speed, and rear gate setting have a lot to do with the depth too. The King Kutterhas 1 year limited period warranty. I need to be able to till both ways without leaving tire tracks. Value-Leader 37 Adjustable Offset 3pt Rotary Tiller FH-TL95, Top 3 Best Shoe to Wear with Walking Boot, 5 Of The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviews (Newly Updated), Top 5 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel in the Market today, Best Men Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews. Your shopping cart has been saved, the items inside it will be restored whenever you log back into your account. Under this warranty, King Kutter will fix the broken product for free, using either new parts or used parts that have been fixed up. It is capable of tilling an airplane too, as stated by some users. Thanks friends! $909.00 Ex Tax:$909.00. It is quick hitch capable and is chain driven and a forward direction tiller. The paint seems to be of poor quality. Not sure if the variations are due to location or time. It is a compressed, lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-operate tiller. Connecting the County Line tiller to the tractor is a real pain. The times dont appear to extend but 1 1/2-2 below the level of the shoes. It isnt too difficult. In my opinion, there is no way a 25 hp tractor can tear up a 40hp (or higher) rated gearbox. This opinion ONLY applies to these. If you have an issue with a product or want some spare parts, and replace older parts you have to contact KK. While Im sure this is largely true, I think it would be hard to prevent a bounce in Patricks newly delivered and packed clay. The to 4 in. But it hangs low so you may want to use the dual adjustable lift links Tim shows in another video. Look online on for choices on implements for sub-compact & compact tractors. The bolt is sized appropriately so that it will break (shear) before any damage occurs to the equipment. 510 pounds is about 42 suitcase weights, so if anyone is working with their finance committee that safety item is nearly half the cost of a tiller so that makes your tiller upgrade from weights sound a lot less expensive. Even w my 25 hp tractor the 5 ft tiller runs fine. You can take a tape measure with you to the store however and tell if it will work pretty quick with some measurements. Just go get any tiller you see. When buying a tiller, I would recommend that you select one which is (or can easily be made to be) quick hitch compatible. I started with tillers back in 1980 with a Howard 48 wide Rotovator. Problem just started and no problems with it the last 3 years. They only differ in their height and decals. One is hear drive & one is a subcompact version with chain drive. Dae06 you will love the adjustable center hook on Harbor Freight Hitch. you need a tractor that has very slow gears for hard first time ground. Without such protection, something has to give. Looking at a slightly used 5 with asking price of $1,200. Hi Tim, we have watched several videos and read many articles of yours. Although the final look of its paint is not good. A slip-clutch is a set of plates with abrasive material between them. The thickness of the top shielding plate may vary also and this may make it last longer but it still wont till any different. TILLER 4FT KING KUTTER'S GEAR DRIVEN ROTARY TILLERS are designed to perform with its heavy duty gear drive and square tube frame. No idea. Although xb was looked easily motifiable Im not sure about the lift arm pins being so long. However, you just want to avoid cutting it TOO short. You will not be able to tell which type of drive is used by looking at the tiller, as this drive is fully encased and enclosed to keep the oil in and dirt out. Specfically Product Snowbloower Are Shipped From Japan and USA, Jl. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. It is what I would call an economy brush hog but it works well nonetheless. Moreover after modification for the quick hitch was there any drive shaft modification necessary. Of course, if you have one of the 25hp larger frame tractors (3025E, L2501, etc), you may not have sufficient horsepower to handle a full-tractor-width tiller. I viewed it as a uni-tasker, only useful for tilling gardens. Best Price CountyLine, 5 ft Rotary Tiller. Doesnt see much use out side of the garden anymore. King Kutter allows you convenient buying of technical items. King Kutter County Line Tiller Weight 226.8 Kg 638 lb Tines Cutting tines broader than other tillers. Its parts assembly [], Gardening is at its top nowadays. With a small tractor like mine, often the engine will stall/die. How about tine shape; L or C? So you can say the range is within $1,500 2,500. Im not sure which mechanism I prefer. If you look on the sticker on the implement, it states "for questions contact King Kutter at (phone number)". The King Kutter XB (like mine) is not quick hitch compatible, and is not quite as heavy as the King Kutter II, but it spins faster, and it is centered. County Line Tiller vs King Kutter | Which to choose? Yes, it is a good brand because they are powerful, and the work done is also good. We are getting the quick attach system today to make this work for the tractor and tiller, but without it, there isnt enough to cut off the PTO shaft to make it the length we need it, which is 20 inches. You are correct. Local JD dealer carries Woods RT48.30.30. It will handle the toughest tilling conditions, allow you to get through small gates (54 or so), and fully cover the tire tracks. So they are quite durable. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I nearly hit some things while looking back fascinated at how well the four blades chop through that clay I couldnt break with a shovel and turn it into soft dirt (at least until it rains and packs into near rock again). Close. My biggest question is if I go with the County Line tiller, would I need to add weights to the front of the tractor? Im new to tilling, at what rpm should the tiller be running when it engages the ground? The King Kutter brand shows this spec for each model. You may also want to consider four or six tines per rotation. I guess we are a little confused. The Have you had any issues. Will a Kubota BX 1880, with pro hp of 13.9 run a tiller? Moreover, their components are almost the same. Manage Settings Most importantly, which should you buy? I bought a 6' TSC tiller a couple of years ago and it was made by Bolensno markings on it, but had Bolens manual with the unit. So far I have not broken and extend pin but I think Tim mentioned that he has broken one. Ok, with that unpopular opinion stated, I would prefer the slip-clutch approach over the shear-bolt approach. Ill refer to this as Tiller Rule #1. The rest is just aesthetics and really makes no difference in tilling quality. I am almost certain that you will be happy with it. Johns Mower Store, Secure Payment with PayPal - Free 30 day money back guarantee when you ! Tims tiller Rule #1 applies fully. Hopefully this article has helped to identify some of the differences between different models. [] I neglected to mention one other 'option' for tillers. Surprisingly, there is sometimes a fairly big difference. CountyLine Rotary Tiller has a heavy-duty PTO, heat-treated self-sharpening tines, oil bath lubrication has 25 to 50 HP tractors, slip clutch, and adjustable runners. The Titan Implement 5 inch rotary cutter costs about $2,000 - 2,300. I have JD 1025r. Number of Tines Per Flange So, lets dig into some of the decisions youll have to make, and some of the features you might want to consider. I have been using my garden area (95 x 85 feet) for over 25 years now, and I rarely find a rock as big as a baseball any more, unless I do an occasional subsoil plow to relieve compaction (maybe every 5-6 years). Check this: Best Electric Tillers for Garden. While this is obviously not optimal for the tractor, it will not tear up the tractor. []. But it is a self-jamming design & takes more HP as its fighting the tractor. We make consolidating, marketing and tracking your social media website easy. Whether you are looking for a rotary kutter or a finish mower, rotary tiller, disc harrow or any landscape and rural use products, you can feel confident that you have a great . If you are still struggling to determine which tiller is right for you, just remember Tiller Rule #1. King Kutter does offer more power in lesser HPs In my opinion, in terms of performance and service, the County Line tops King Kutter.
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