PVK isnt new to the knife world by any stretch. Doing custom work on a knife feels almost like putting a spirit into the blade. They originally started in Massachusetts, then moved to a space near the Las Vegas airport where they operated by appointment only. At PVK, all of the staff I met appeared to want to be there. Earn 300 PVK Rewards Points. The owners of PVK, Josh and Jeramiah Burbank, have also named their cozy headquarters the greatest knife shop on Earth. After spending some time inside the shop and visiting with the Burbanks, I believe their claim to be valid. PVK Vegas is sandwiched between Planet PVK isn't new to the knife world by any stretch. PVK vegas Southern edges Dlt trading Hollow grind Only the best Sometimes you can find on gunbroker also. Apparently, it all started when Post Malone stopped in and purchased a high-end piece of cutlery. Protech Custom Malibu 5118 Manual Flipper Knife Bronze Textured Aluminum Handles Mosaic Button Hand Ground Mirror Polished Mike Irie Blade Chefget Gold Member Feedback: 53 / 0 / 0 Joined Nov 2, 1998 Messages 4,243 Jul 21, 2019 #12 They now enjoy a bit of legend status as PVK Vegas. I just ordered a Microtech Dirac Delta from PVK.VEGAS. But it is time to make up for that. As business boomed, they decided to head to the Strip and have been there for three years and counting. Almost a home away from home. How have I been missing this all these years? Microtech Hawk Auto 166-1T Tactical Black. I know perfectly that Microtech use N690 but in Pvk Vegas my Halo V item 150-4 it was described with Elmax steel. 232-1OR UTX-85 D/E Black Standard - PVK Custom By: Microtech Knives , PVK Vegas Date Added: 12/29/2022 $600.00 Buy Now Its unique status comes through its Blink and youll miss the Microtech UTX-85 D/E 232-15OR Bronzed Full Serrated Blade & Hardware Orange Handle. Las Vegas. Microtechknives.com , . From that time there have been other random appearances (including some that prefer to remain anonymous). And while I consider myself a knife All rights reserved. But even this aspect of the shop has an interesting backstory. The results are blades like you have never seen anywhere in the world. Share 0. Say hello to the smallest knife shop in the world: PVK Vegas. She mentioned how apropos it is that I now write about them regularly. grew, friends began to ask about what I had. But the knives in the VIP room made me almost wish I lived in Vegas and could spend all my spare time there. PVK is ran by the guy who used to own bladeauction years ago he did a very very poor job at running bladeauction just let it go for like last 6 months to 1 year of its existence,soo many people got ripped off scammed and non-payments of auctions that were won but never paid for. I had the pleasure of visiting with Josh Burbank, who gave me an unprecedented look at his shop, which has become a destination for stars to get their custom blades. Josh then quickly searched online and found multiple copies of the design online from other shops. He purchased a $17,000 laser and began to learn how to do laser work on knives. Its a great deal more than just a quick paint job or cutting a design into the scales. Each member of the team brings with them something special. Along with Marifone, PVK Vegas has access to and/or [WTS] Microtech UTX 85 S/E. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, federal and international laws in regard to the possession, and or use, of any item purchased. I learned long ago that some of the greatest gems of life are hidden away in the small corners of the world. Use the search and filter options below to help narrow your results. The New Benchmade Bugout 535BRK-4, All You Need, Nothing You Dont, The Limited RYP Design DEMO Flipper Pays Homage to Billy Waugh, A.G. Russell Mosquito Hawk Sub $100 Carbon Fiber Gentlemans Knife, Half Face Blades Partners with Christensen Arms, For a LE Hunting Knife, Bond Arms Rough Series Packs a Pocket Full of Budget Friendly Punch, Two New Budget EDC Blades from 5.11 Tactical, WOOX: Add Style to Your EDC with the New Leggenda Folding Knife, RELEASE Victorinox Just in Time for Christmas. This model has been re-designed with the new smooth chassis for ultimate grip and usability, featuring patches of texture along the spine in all the right spots to ensure maximum grip when you need it. Each member of the staff demonstrated the level of drive and flexibility that are required to be a part of the team at PVK. Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-1OR Black Blade Orange Handle, Microtech Ultratech 122-1OD Black Blade Green Handle, Microtech Dirac 225-10 Stonewashed Blade With A Black Chassis, Microtech UTX-85 S/E 231-1OR Black Blade Orange Handle, Microtech Kydex UTX70 Contour Body Neck Sheath Blond Carbon Fiber, Microtech Ultratech T/E 123-10AP Apocalyptic Tanto Blade, Microtech Kydex Ultratech Contour Body Neck Sheath, Microtech Ultratech D/A OTF T/E 123-1T Tactical. Without it, it is an efficient and well-made knife, but with the custom work, it becomes more.. We strongly recommend shipping UPS if you need guaranteed delivery by a certain date. Following the success of its initial collaboration with Vertx, Premier Body Armor announces its continued partnership. Please understand that this policy is to protect our customers from fraud and theft. K&G, Join the Conversation, comment on this story below. jimping and a series of cutouts on the spine of the handle to help A wide selection of CMP surplus ammo will 2023 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. ago GTG Kravashera 5 mo. As a result, the American Tactical recently announced the company will offer two new bolt-action rifle systems from Black Creek Labs. Knives by Maker My first thought was that inventory time must be painful, but that is one of Features Overall Length: 10.5" Blade Length: 5.5" Blade Material: ELMAX Blade Thickness: .125" Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum Weight: 3.7oz Knife Category: Automatic His work is so beautiful and unique that he has been copied by shops around the world. Josh and his brother, Jeramiah, would experiment with very controlled anodizing, which they quickly mastered. Microtech Knives has grown into a leading cutlery brand, always evolving and moving forward using the latest technology, ancient blade principles, and maximum field testing to ensure they deliver the best product possible. I have visited knife stores over the years that left me feeling lack luster by the time I left. As it turned out, it was in the small strip mall I was standing in front of. This model has been re-designed with the new smooth chassis for ultimate grip and usability, featuring patches of texture along the spine in all the right spots to ensure maximum grip when you need it. Custom web development by NP Group, Set up Email Notifications For This Maker, 232-1OR UTX-85 D/E Black Standard - PVK Custom, UTX-85 S/E Standard - PVK Custom "Tactical Jaw-Breaker". Here it is. Microtech Anax - S/E Titanium Handle Bead Blast Standard Blue Titanium Pivot Collar Carbon Fiber Inlay 190C-7 CFITI $ 295.00. Date Added: 08/17/2021, By: Unidentified Maker , PVK Vegas Microtech Combat Troodon Straight Razor 219R-10S Stonewash Blade Black Handle Stonewash Blade Combat Troodon Hellhound! But the VIP room isnt for everyone, you have to have the right stuff. That can be a rare thing these days. increased functionality. We are unable to provide refunds in the event that the package that you have ordered was seized by customs or other agencies. PVK Vegas is one of the few places that has Its also one of the few places that offers onsite repairs for Microtech. Tweet. Joshua Swanagon has studied survival in both urban and wilderness environments in Colorado and Michigan for most of his life, while also adding experience in harsher terrains abroad. u have to stop in. If no contact can be made, your order will be cancelled. Our Price: $262.00. Our Price: $20.00 . Thank you. There is so much to look at that it never gets boring. Boxes or military addresses require shipping via USPS. PVK is one of the biggest MT dealers but you should look around if you have a specific color/blade combo you're looking for. If you would like to use any of our images or text for any reason other than that detailed above, please contact us on our contact page and we can discuss it further. With its small storefront next to a T-shirt shop, you might dismiss it as you stroll by with a Mai Tai in hand. Nestled quietly in a small strip mall on the Las Vegas strip, it can be hard to spot. ago Ordered from them several times over the years, no complaints. The knives displayed in the main showroom were cool enough to make the trip more than worth it. Whether he knew at the time what PVK would become or not, PVK quickly expanded to two storefronts. handle, a karambit style Black Blade and the pocket clip These new Microtech knives also come outfitted with the new fire switch and the battle tested tungsten carbide glass breaker. So, he did what he seems prone to do and made a big jump. As my collection humble faade. Previous 6 Streamlight . This 24-year relationship has allowed them to have access to everything Microtech has to offer, and people know it. reduce overall weight. Earn 225 PVK Rewards Points. Most of the products heading out to these folks are custom work they collaborated with PVK Vegas to make. This small family owned business began on the east coast and migrated to the Las Vegas area in 2014. >>. While Josh shared several of these names with me, but also shared the names of several stars that openly shop with PVK, including Joe Perry and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Post Malone, Charlie Sheen and Celtics great Kevin McHale. To their surprise, it wasnt long after that, that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith showed up looking to add to their personal collections. blades and steel. Once you step foot inside the shop and see that pretty much every square inch is covered in product, your jaw will hit the ground. And who can blame them? So, it was a little hard for me to believe, or accept, that for the past couple years I have been walking right by what is perhaps one of the coolest knife shops on the planet. This was no ordinary knife store, and the knives featured in their display cases were no ordinary knives. most deadly of all. In fact, I saw a variety of items ranging from tactical pens to fidget spinners that enjoyed the shops custom work. Protech Steel Custom Terzuola ATCF Auto 416 SS, Dark Matter Inlays ,Stonewash, Protech Steel Custom Terzuola ATCF Auto 416 SS,Jungle Wear Inlays, Stonewash, Protech Godson Auto DLC Black, Stonewashed Bronze , Darkmatter Gold, Protech/Les George Rockeye Auto Custom, Compound Ground, Mirror, Textured Stonewashed Bronze Aluminum, BLEM PVK Custom 24K Plated Protech CalMigo CA Legal w/ Safety 2201-SW Black Handle Stonewash Blade, Protech Strider PT+ 2023 Auto Mike Irie Compound Ground Mirror Polished 154CM Blade AlBronze Handle, Boker Burnley Full Size Auto Kwaiken Stonewashed Blade Black Handle - Built By Protech, Protech Runt 5 R5401 Stonewashed Reverse Tanto Magnacut Blade Smooth Black Handle, Protech TR-5 Auto T501 Black Handle Stonewash Blade Bead Blast Hardware, Protech TR-5 Auto T503 Black Handle Black Blade, Protech Newport Auto 3452 Tuxedo Black Blade, Protech Newport Auto 3405 Black Handle Silver Blade, Protech Terzuola ATCF Auto CF Black Handle Textured Black G10 Inlays Stonewashed Magnacut Blade, Protech Terzuola ATCF Auto Tuxedo Black Magnacut Blade, Protech/Les George SBR Auto, Black DLC CPM-3V, Purple Smooth Handle *PVK Exclusive*, Protech Runt 5 Limited Textured Bronze Handle Stonewashed Magnacut Reverse Tanto Blade MOP Button, Protech TR-3L-2 Left Handed Auto Black Blade Black Hardware TR3L2, Protech Custom Malibu 5118 Manual Flipper Knife Bronze Textured Aluminum Handles Mosaic Button Hand Ground Mirror Polished Mike Irie Blade, Protech Runt 5 R5301-DF-DAMA Wharncliffe Damascus Blade Smooth Del Fuego Handle Pearl Button LTD, Boker Burnley Compact Auto Kwaiken LTD Silver- Built By Protech, Protech Runt 5 Wharncliffe Stonewashed Magnacut Blade Smooth Black Handle R5301, Protech/Les George SBR Auto, Black DLC CPM-3V, Blue Smooth Handle *PVK Exclusive*, Protech/Les George SBR Auto, Black DLC CPM-3V, Black Textured Handle *PVK Exclusive*, Protech Custom Sprint Purple Titanium Handle MOP Inlay & Button Spirograph Damascus Blade, Protech Sprint Auto Custom 2952 Two Tone Titanium 3D Wave Frame DLC Blade Pearl Button, Protech Emerson CQC7 Auto USN GXIII Green & Black G-10 Prototype, Protech Sprint Auto Custom 2951-S Two Tone Titanium Frame Spirograph Damascus Blade, Protech Godson Auto 7115 DLC Black Blade Stonewashed Bronze Handle Black Pearl Button CF Inlay, Protech Godson Auto 7110 Satin Blade Stonewashed Bronze Handle MOP Button Bronze Clip, Protech Godson Auto 7112 DLC Black Blade Stonewashed Bronze Handle Black MOP Button, Protech Les George SBR "Left Handed" Auto LG403-LH, Protech Les George SBR Fixed Blade, Black DLC S35-VN, Green 3D G10, Kydex Sheath, Protech Godfather Auto 920-Blue Blasted Blade Blue Handle, Protech Runt 5 Wharncliffe Blade Textured Black Handle R5105, Protech Les George SBR Fixed Blade, Black DLC S35-VN, Black 3D G10, GFELLER Leather Sheath, Protech Les George SBR Auto USN G12 Limited Eition, Boker Burnley Compact Auto Kwaiken Stonewash Blade Black Handle - Built By Protech, Boker Burnley Full Size Auto Kwaiken Stonewashed Blade Silver Handle - Built By Protech, Boker Burnley Compact Auto Kwaiken Tactical Black Blade Black Handle - Built By Protech, Protech Godfather Auto 920 Bead Blasted Blade Black Handle, Protech Newport Auto 3451 Tuxedo Stonewash Blade, Protech Magic "Whiskers" Scale Release BR-1.51 Auto Black Handle Micarta Inlay Silver Blade Tuxedo BR151, Protech Magic "Whiskers" Hidden Scale Release Auto 1.52 Black Handle Micarta Inlay Black Blade Silver HW BR152, Protech Half Breed 3605 Blue Handle Stonewash Blade. reduce overall weight. Something that nourishes sparks in personalities and makes the team that much more eclectic. Automatic knives open automatically with the press of a button or pull of a lever. Whatever your desire, chances are very good that it can be had somewhere in Sin City. Story by Joshua Swanagon, Photos by Joshua Swanagon and Manufacturer. For security reasons. When pressed on inventory, blade store, but it is so much more than that. Bastinelli Creations Custom Darriel Caston Emerson Knives Jake Hoback Knives Liong Mah Marfione Microtech Protech PVK Vegas WE Knives. While waiting for my appointment with Jeremiah Burbank, Owner and Operator, I decided to look around and snap some shots. https://www.youtube.com I really couldnt think of any way I would miss a massive enterprise such as this. Let us know. Throughout the store I was seeing names like Bastinelli, Marfione, Protech, Jake Hoback, Liong Mah, Emerson, Microtech, Darriel Caston, WE, etc. Microtech UTX-70 D/E 147-4OD Satin Blade OD Body, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-5 Satin Serrated Blade, Microtech UTX-85 T/E 233-1BL Black Blade Blue Handle, Microtech Socom Alpha S/E 113-10 Stonewash Finish, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-10AP Apocalyptic Blade, Microtech Ultratech S/E 121-11 Stonewash Serrated Black Handle. At the far end is the checkout counter which also doubled as the gateway to the VIP room manned by one of their incredibly friendly staff members. Limited Edition VENOMTECH is a MAKORA/ULTRATECH Hybred that has a kydex Running the length of the opposite wall was a pegboard, loaded down with fidget spinners, gift packages, lanyard beads, etc. Fire out the blade to reveal a blue finished blade worthy of any Jedi Knight. Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt. PVK has become the place to get hard-to-find knives on the market. But the bulk of their collection would allure the most experienced and knowledgeable knife collector. With the success of the online store, in 2013 Joshua decided to move the operation to New Hampshire. The iconic Hawk auto first debuted in 1996 but is now back and However, when I left PVK Vegas, I felt like that teenager who spent his days hanging out at the knife store in our local mall. So. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. incredible in-house customization work. We are the largest dealer in Microtech knives and have been selling them since 1996, Josh said. Walking inside, the store itself was about six feet wide and roughly thirty feet deep. If you are a knife lover, like me, youll be glad you did. PVK Vegas Custom Microtech UTX 85 T/E OTF Knife: While We Were In Vegas For SHOT Show 2019 we made a visit to PVK Vegas where I placed an order for a custom Hank Strange out the front Microtech. Take some money with you though, you will have a hard time leaving empty handed. The relationship between knives and I go way back. the store manager estimated that they have approximately 9,600 SKUs in stock. They usually have a specific design in mind, and the master designers and craftsman at PVK make it happen. PVK Vegas does that through its custom shop. It really was the ideal setting for true knife lovers to sit and chat. Joshua also brings with him his years of experience as Editor of, and Subject Matter Expert for, Knives Illustrated Magazine. Im familiar with anodizing simply because I am in the firearms arena, but I had no idea it was such an incredibly precise process. Made in the USA. The price advertised now at PVK is actually a little less, $1,175. 20 mile house bernadette 0533 929 10 81; best time to visit kodiak island info@reklamcnr.com; grateful dead from the vault box set caner@reklamcnr.com; athens high school basketball roster reklamcnr20@gmail.com After Jeremiah was done with his meeting he came out and escorted me to the back of the store. increased functionality. Our Price: $315.00. stocks knives from another 40 custom knife-makers from around the world. The right mention or name brand drop can help with entry and a flashy Rolex wont hurt your chances. Although PVK is a small family operation, they have a staff of very knowledgeable and friendly individuals on hand. I literally just received this utx 85 from pvk.vegas yesterday and decided it was not for me. Once I realized it, I finally noticed the small sign hanging over the door that indicated I had arrived. sheath to cover portion of the blade that remains uncovered when the Only online now. include balisongs to stunning Italian switchblades. You never know who you may see back there. guy, Josh has taken this title to a new level. All high end. Thats where it all began.. The pocket clip is marked with logos, serial number, and the date of production. In my experience with microtech the price stays the same regardless of the steel In production knives .If it's not what you wanted just return it and get what you want vs wanting a knife at a discount . better than ever thanks to updated aesthetics and sleeker finish for As we walked behind the counter, we turned down a short corridor that looked much like any common corridor. Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-1COD Green Cerakoted Blade, Hardware & Handle. Date Added: 12/29/2022, By: Medford Knife and Tool , Shirogorov , Maniago Knife Makers (MKM) , Heretic Knives , Hogue Knives , Nell, Chad , Terzuola, Bob , Gray, John , Munroe, D.C. , Dalton, Rob , PVK Vegas , KnifeArt.com The Microtech UTX-85 is the mid sized knife in the Ultratech line. These very special custom knives are distributed Its renowned for its bigger-than-life shows, stars and spectacles. Although things were looking good in New Hampshire, Joshua made the decision to move the business to Las Vegas, in 2015. from China. committed to the Marfione brand. Not only were there seriously cool knives, but they had just about every other EDC item you could think of. mildot Registered This automatic knife features a black anodized aluminum It was there he re-visited the brick-and-mortar model and opened another storefront, to run alongside his lucrative web presence. Clear All, By: Microtech Knives , PVK Vegas The Tiny Little Cutlery Corner on the Vegas Strip, PVK Vegas is a Small Knife Shop with a Big Presence and World Class Knives and Customs. Microtech Ultratech 122-11 Stonewash Serrated Blade Our Price: $316.00 Marfione Custom Dirac Delta Double Edge DLC Diamondwash W/ Ringed DLC Hardware Our Price: $2,150.00 Arcane Design Preytheon, Satin CPM-20CV, Carbon Fiber Handles W/Grey Ti Inlays PVK Exclusive Our Price: $370.00 CRKT Folts Minimalist Cleaver Neck Knife Our Price: $25.95 access to them. I shot it open a couple times, and decided to order a combat troodon. Of course, the map was just to get me in the general vicinity. Online shopping was in its infancy at the time, and Josh carved out a space in the new, wide-open Internet marketplace. But once youre inside, youre immersed in a world of high-end Orders placed by 3:00pm EST will be shipped the same day. PVK Vegas hasnt limited its customization skills to knives, either. . While a long track record of sales can pay the bills, a company still has to be innovative in order to stay ahead of the curve. better than ever thanks to updated aesthetics and sleeker finish for davidyoho 5 mo. It is said that the spirit and energy of the blade-maker is infused into the sword, and that is what Josh is doing with his work. This is a beautiful, laser-engraved knife that has become a piece of art. The more I looked around, the more I noticed a bit of a trend. This exciting and extremely collectible OTF knife features a black light saber inspired aluminum handle. Earn 500 PVK Rewards Points. While we talked, I not only got the distinct impression that he really knew his stuff about pretty much every product in the store but was also very friendly and provided enjoyable conversation. Hollywood and the Hard Rock Caf right on the Strip. I even got a job so I could buy more knives. Microtech Ultratech Warhound Signature Series Bronze 119W-13 S Dubbed the Contour Chassis (AKA Smooth Handle) this newly designed UltraTech is a throwback to the older squared chasis models but has the new updated glass breaker, triangle hardware and the edges are beveled all around for a fresh new look and feel. the microtech tanto is a great blade and easy to sharpen in two stages as long as you understand how to sharpen a Tanto. Ok, Ill admit it, I have passed right by PVK Vegas on numerous occasions and had no idea. That turned into me starting to Microtech UTX-85 T/E 233-13AP Bronzed Apocalyptic Blade & Hardware. Josh had 40 red Microtechs that, for whatever reason, were not selling. Share. It seemed like this was one of their favorite places to hang out. coins and one seriously tactical pencil To set a World Record by simultaneously firing 1,000 Henry Repeating Arms Go PVK Vegas // Custom Microtech UTX 85 T/E OTF Knife John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum 00 Sold Out 2020 Microtech. Once the custom shop side of the house quickly gained a foothold, the game was on. Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-4VI Satin Blade Violet Handle, Microtech Combat Troodon HS Rescue, Orange Frag Chassis Full Serrated Orange Blade, CRKT S.P.E.W., Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe, 3 " Bead Blasted Blade, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-10 Stonewash Blade, Ganzo Auto Drop Point Satin Blade Green G10 G7211-GR, Protech TR-5 Auto T501 Black Handle Stonewash Blade Bead Blast Hardware. Join the Conversation, comment on this story below. It has tri-grip texturing along the bottom and decorative light saber detailing. Any unauthorized or uncredited use, reproduction or duplication in part or in whole of any images, text, video or audio on this site is an infringement of copyright law and will be dealt with accordingly. Orders to P.O. So, they packed up the operation and moved to their current location. I have always been one that is attracted to knife stores and can usually spot them a mile away. jimping and a series of cutouts on the spine of the handle to help PVK has become the place to get hard-to-find knives on the market. I bought both Socoms used off knife_swap. It wasnt until I passed by it twice that I finally decided to zoom in a bit more on the map and see what I was missing. So much time wasted. Home For some reason most used Socoms (like new with box) are $180-$220 range. The iconic Hawk auto first debuted in 1996 but is now back and Inlay Body. As a long-time connoisseur of Japanese swords, I can absolutely relate to what he is saying. They seem to be just as good as any knife dealer so far. It is designed for their more serious clients as well as celebrities that would prefer a quieter setting. Microtech Combat Troodon Straight Razor 219R-10S Stonewash Blade, Microtech Ultratech S/E 121-2T Black Serrated Tactical, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-10PU Stonewash Blade Purple Handle, Microtech UTX-85 D/E 232-1T Tactical Black Standard, Microtech Kydex Ultratech Flat Body Neck Sheath, Microtech Socom Alpha T/E 114-11 Stonewash Finish Partial Serrated, Microtech Ultratech Tanto 123-4 Satin Blade, Microtech Ultratech T/E 123-13 Bronzed Blade & Hardware, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-1OR Black Blade Orange Handle. Josh says that the project has to be realistic, but he also loves a challenge. But the Ultratech in general is a very reliable design and easy to clean and maintain. I have always loved knives, On the surface, some might dismiss the shop as just another ago Went a few times to their store in Vegas..it's closed now unfortunately. Dont let that fool you, though. They had autos, ballisongs, custom runs, fixed blades, folders and everything else you would expect a high-end store to have. Along one wall were glass display cases, filled with all manner of knives and other EDC fare. Your email address will not be published. Microtech Black Hawk Auto Tactical - Two tone blade all black hardware production model of the Microtech auto hawk. knife is closed. Shipping costs are calculated automatically when you checkout. Microtech Kydex UTX70 Contour Body Neck Sheath Carbon Fiber, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-10VI Stonewash Blade Violet Handle, Microtech UTX-85 D/E 232-13 Bronzed Blade & Hardware, Microtech Ultratech T/E 123-10AP Apocalyptic Tanto Blade, Microtech Zombie-Tech T/E Stonewash Blade 123-10Z, Microtech UTX-85 S/E 231-1OD Black Blade OD Green Handle, Microtech UTX-85 Spartan 230-1OD Black Blade OD Handle, Microtech Ultratech S/E 121-4 Satin Blade. The use of small portions of articles is permitted when used solely as an intro to the article and it includes a link to the original article on www.Knife-Gear.com. I'd like to apologize for not using imgur, it is being a pain in the ass and not letting me upload anything. even as a kid, he said. This automatic knife features a black anodized aluminum handle, a karambit style Black Blade and the pocket clip is designed for tip up carry.
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