If rumors like that are circulating, you could put them to rest immediately by having a paternity test done on the man who supposedly is paying her child support and a paternity test on yourself, as well as the child. I just said that it would be a touchy situation, meaning that she was pregnant and apparently unmarried and working in a Christian environment that usually frowns on a situation like that. But that in itself their secrecy about this child speaks volumes! Showing Editorial results for danny shelton. Don't you see that adding such a condition only makes you look even more guilty! Only much later did I realize that Danny was actually talking about his own marriage and Linda - and not about a couple he was counseling. But important in that conversation was that Danny had told me that the woman he was counseling had NOT committed physical adultery. Danny's relationship status is single. Obviously 3ABN and Danny Shelton do not want to produce the evidence - evidence that will undoubtedly be damaging to Danny. One wonders, why a mother would name her child, God? Well, if Brandy has a right to be angry she should turn her anger either on herself for willingly signing the DNA testing agreement in the first place, or on Danny, as he is the one who brought up the subject of the paternity of Trinity. The truth is that Danny Shelton NOT Linda - is the adulterer! In-Person and Anywhere (on-demand) formats available. - Save 3ABN On Dec 23, 2008, at 7:47 AM, Danny Shelton wrote: Thanks Lorraine, She was miserable and decided to give up. [18] Thanks again for talking with me tonight. She later called me to say she wanted to drink some Chik juice. Again, I said, What do you mean by Chik juice? Your belief that you worked with Brandy prior to my divorce is the basis for your belief that I wanted to get rid of Linda and therefore she is innocent and that possibly Brandy's second child could be mine. Max Maven. Read More . I have been accused by Danny of being on Linda's side. I guess you don't want to help Linda out with the $100,000 I offered you if you could prove that Brandy worked with you here at 3ABN prior to Nov. 2004. I didn't make any accusations against you at all. 4. examination of 2 pieces of government issued I.D., such as a Drivers license and a Passport. If you can prove that Brandy (the now Brandy Shelton) worked with you while you were at 3ABN during any years prior to my divorce I'll give you $100,000! I agreed. And I know that the Lord sees everything we do, so my word is good. At the time that I first heard about you and Brandy, I told my friends, in an off-hand casual way, that I had worked with her, not realizing that ANYONE would later claim that she was NOT there at that time. Danny Shelton, Founder and President of 3ABN dannyshelton.com I wrote this song last 4th of July. Because even they when they have made big statements.then investigated farther. suddenly became silent and didn't press the issue any more. Your child may also need a number if you plan to: Buy savings bonds for the child; Obtain medical coverage for the child; or, Apply for government services for the child. She has a deep love of music, cooking, and planting things. What did she get for her 11-12 hour work-days for almost 20 years, her donations of her CD royalties to 3ABN, Lindas repeated giving of her weekends for years and years to travel for 3ABN after working long hours all week, and her allegiance and total dedication to the network for almost twenty years? On Dec 21, 2008, at 11:13 PM, Danny Shelton wrote: Lorraine, View the profiles of people named Brandy Shelton. Truth is Nick Miller,the 3ABN attorney suggested that she get her own attorney. When I know I am right I don't consider that to be gambling because I am not taking a gamble or risk when there is 0 chance that I could be wrong. Looking for Brandy Shelton? Case in point: You just made the statement that I told Linda that if she consulted an attorney prior to signing the agreement she would get nothing. DNA Diagnostics Center performs 3 out of 4 private paternity tests. Could it be that the child who was tested was NOT Trinity Murray, and any friend of Dannys who might be passing by could point that out? I have heard nothing from the other laboratory: Genetic Discovery/DNA Diagnostics Center, which happens to be the laboratory that does 75% of all DNA testing in America. Isnt there something wrong with that picture? Linda had no clue that Danny had already made plans to divorce her long before she traveled to Norway, in February of 2004, to visit her son. You have not because she will tell you that Brandy never worked there and that she had never met Brandy. Nor was she allowed to stand on the ground when she was brought out of the truck for 30 seconds so I could swab the inside of her mouth. [15] On May 2, 2018, the Patriots declined the fifth-year option on Shelton's contract, making him a free agent in 2019. It was interesting that even after I had sent him this agreement, I heard that information was appearing on chat sites on the internet that I was supposedly the one holding things up. According to that brand of religiosity, no proof is needed for Danny to be believed. But it seems no one cares at all and Brandy is accepted with open arms by the very same people who have destroyed LindaSheltons reputation throughout the world with FALSE accusations of the SAME sin. Danny has repeatedly stated that I would not post these results, but he is obviously wrong. Again, if I hadn't worked with Brandy, I would have no idea what she looked like and could not have confirmed that she was the same person when I saw your wedding picture. ----- Original Message ----- Also when you make a statement "But it is publically known that You Personally were looking..blah blah blah. He said it was when a wife had given her heart to another man. Also known as Brandy L Bell, Brenda G Bell, Shelton Brandy, B Bell. He held to that demand for many weeks. That question will be worked out in court, sooner or later. When meeting with Roger Goodell on stage, he hugged the commissioner and lifted him off the ground in excitement. I am not saying that I know that Danny or Brandy committed fraud. They would want to make sure that Brandys DNA was close enough to this childs DNA for Brandy to pass as the mother of this child? Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. Subject: Re: From Lorraine Day. Why don't you make other people prove things before you make up your mind? Danny asked me to help his mother learn to follow Gods Health Plan in order to get well, as I had, something that Goldie eventually and unfortunately decided not to do. Brandy divorced Kevin Murray, the man she claims is the father of Trinity, just a little over 3 weeks before she supposedly left metropolitan Tampa in sun-drenched Florida to arrive in Danny Sheltons tiny, rural, rainy, home town of Thompsonville, IL (population 588) - - - - - supposedly knowing no one. Beitrags-Autor: Beitrag verffentlicht: 22. Why are you so touchy? See Photos. After all, we both agreed a number of years ago when we were talking, that if I am preaching the wrong gospel or, in this case, if I do not do what I have promised you that I would do, I would probably lose my health. Later I was able to establish by my 1999 Schedule book that I worked with Brandy in June of 1999.). pictures of danny and brandy sheltondiscretionary housing payment hackney. Lorraine, you have falsely accused Brandy and me. 4 Danny Shelton pictures. But Xerox copies of identification documents are NOT acceptable. On May 19, 2009, at 2:28 PM, Christine Yates wrote: I had a question I forgot to ask. There is no one on earth who will back you in your statement. Burden of proof on Linda. Daniel Saileupumoni Shelton (born August 20, 1993) is an American football defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). And this began a full two years before Danny suddenly started accusing Linda. And if you cannot show me that evidence, you will have to admit that you, indeed, have made an conspicuously horrible error in firing Linda Shelton. Will you give me a direct "Yes" or "No"? Linda does not have a deep-pockets donor to give her a minimum of $15,000.00 per month for legal fees as Danny does. He was the founder of the independent ministry and served as president for 24 years until he stepped aside in 2008 due to a number of problems in his personal life and . 2. fingerprinting of each person who is tested Brandy Shelton. His actions were so bizarre, Linda couldnt figure out what had happened to him. I guess the State of Illinois is Danny Sheltons god and yours. I never said what you suggested I said, nor did I even imply that. . And I will return it to you as soon as I listen to it and I will not make a copy. To my knowledge there has never been any Brandy who worked there before the now Brandy Shelton. pictures of danny and brandy shelton Home; Cameras; Sports; Accessories; Contact Us If you think Linda was done so wrongly by me then you could take the money and give it to her. In addition, if a large sum of money exchanges hands over an agreement (in this case an agreement for DNA testing) and fraud is ever detected in the transaction (such as presenting the wrong child for testing a ringer child), it could possibly be a much more serious charge - a felony - than if no money exchanged hands. And the kind of evidence of which Im speaking does not include the false accusations and outright lies by Brenda Walsh, accusations that crumble with the slightest investigation - investigation that all of you should have done but obviously did not. On Wednesday, April 29, 2009 I met Danny and Brandy Shelton in the parking lot of the Benton, Illinois Post Office to collect DNA specimens for Paternity testing of Trinity Murray, the daughter of Brandy Elswick Shelton. He played college football at Washington. If no fraud was planned for the real DNA testing, then why would they all secretly get tested beforehand as a dry run? No matter how much you try to tell me something different, I know that is the case. ----- Original Message ----- How can anyone know if Danny Shelton is right or wrong without hearing Lindas side? The tape only recorded Lindas voice. That would not automatically "prove" that you were having an affair with her at that time. Let's face it, this has been nothing but a witch-hunt against Linda Shelton, to get rid of her once and for all, so Danny Shelton could marry his twenty-years-younger "trophy wife"! What sense would that make? But there is PUBLIC evidence that Brandy not only committed adultery and became pregnant with her second child by another man while she was married to Shawn Brannack, but also that her first child was born out of wedlock, the sin of fornication, according to the Bible. She did nothing to deserve being fired, in fact, for almost twenty years she gave everything she had to build that network. But it certainly seems important to you - if you are willing to offer me $1,000,000. In fact, Walter Thompson has admitted that he has never had any evidence of adultery against Linda Shelton. Paperback. I asked Danny to have each person bring the two required pieces of U.S. government approved Identification (usually a passport and a government issued I.D. So why do you care so much? I couldnt understand why they were saying November of 2004 when I knew that I had worked with Brandy at 3ABN in June of 1999. and the other Members of the Board of When Dannys mother, Goldie, was found to have inoperable cancer (her abdomen was opened up and closed up by the surgeons because she was full of cancer), Danny called me right away. They can be altered easily in the process of copying. CASPER, Wyo. WHY, if this child was in truth Trinity Murray, and Danny is NOT the father of Trinity Murray, would they do that? Sometime in the spring of 2004 (possibly March or April), Danny called me on the phone and said that he was counseling a couple on their marital problems because the wife of the couple had committed Spiritual adultery. I responded, Danny, I have never heard of such a term. Yet Danny states that he first laid eyes on Brandy as an adult when she arrived at 3ABN on November 11, 2004. [34], On May 1, 2011, Shelton and his brothers were involved in an altercation at an apartment complex in Auburn, Washington. Please notice that I did NOT bring it up. 104 Brandy Norwood pictures. And obviously both Danny and Brandy would know whether Danny is the father of Trinity. On April 30, 2015, Shelton was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 12th overall selection of the first round in the 2015 NFL Draft. As a friend, I agreed to call Danny for Linda and ask him if he would be willing to meet with her so they could discuss their financial settlement in a much less expensive way than with attorneys. Brandy was belligerent, hostile, aggressive, and very discourteous. There have been times when Danny has tried to justify to me his right to tape Lindas conversation, saying that he did so in her car that he says was jointly registered in his name and hers. Tioga Cemetery . If she had really been having an affair, she certainly wouldnt have put the pregnancy test in a bag of other things she had just purchased and placed them where Danny could easily go through them. where's the proof? There was no visible evidence that the child, Trinity, was with them. Why are you trying to throw all this money around? Yet there are a number of perplexing questions still unanswered regarding this arrival date. You always want me to prove what I say. He said he wanted to discuss a certain situation regarding a couple he said he was counseling about a marriage problem. He said the wife of the couple had committed spiritual adultery. Because I had never heard of such a term, I asked him to define it. Lives in Perry, Florida. Brandy Holden is on Facebook. All siblings of the same two parents obviously get their DNA from the same two parents. It was only a short time before a specific date was chosen for the testing to be done that he, without any explanation, dropped the demand for $10,000.00. If this assumption is right.. then I will gladly take a paternity test but I first want the accuser if there really is one to put up $10,000 if they are wrong. The cost is the same. During this time, Danny Shelton sent me between six and twelve e-mails saying, in essence, I know youre not going to come to Southern Illinois because I know that you know I am not the father of Trinity. It happened over and over again. Danny, who was known for playing Mick Carter in Eastenders, departed the soap in a dramatic Christmas Day episode at the tail end of 2022. I did not know what the issues were on either side nor did I favor one over the other. And will you give your answer under oath? And I am not the only one who knows that Brandy was in the Thompsonville/West Frankfort area long before November of 2004. She was clearly angry, even though she (apparently) had willingly signed the consent to be tested and have Trinity tested. They usually are very curious to see what is going on around them. As I stated, I paid for all of my own expenses to go to Southern Illinois to collect the DNA specimens, and I am personally paying for all the DNA testing. You all have believed Danny Sheltons version of events without having any evidence. Don't you think Linda would know or any other worker at 3ABN would know if Brandy ever worked there before 2004? On May 12, 2015, Shelton signed a four-year deal worth $11.7 million. Caregiver at Greene . I challenge any Board Member to show me any evidence that Linda committed adultery. Why would she name her child such an unusual name, a name meaning God, a name also meaning 3. There is a 3 in 3ABN of course, and the name Trinity is in Trinity Broadcasting Network, the religious network Danny often watched years ago and from where he may actually have gotten the idea to start a religious network of his own. Otherwise, why wouldnt they produce it! Booking photos courtesy of the Sweetwater County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Sometime between 2004 and 2006, I heard that Danny was going with a woman named Brandy. Contact. If the child tested was NOT Trinity Murray who was she? b***@cmhcm.org. But he did. She does want to know about my business after the divorce. In week 2 against the Miami Dolphins, Shelton recorded his first sack of the season in the 430 win. (Just to set the record straight about the events surrounding her death, Goldie called me a couple of weeks after she began the Health Plan, telling me she hated the ugly juice. When I inquired what she meant by ugly juice she said she was talking about the green leafy vegetable/apple juice required on the Health Plan. Select this result to view Danny R Shelton's phone number, address, and more. Please re-read my e-mail. So the DNA test results cannot be taken as proof that Danny is not the father of Trinity Murray. She never spoke a word, and she was kept lying down on the back seat of the truck under a blanket, according to Brandy for the whole time we were all together (close to an hour) except for the 20 seconds or so that it took to swab the inside of her cheek. Subject: Re: From Lorraine Day. At Lindas request, I even agreed to go to Southern Illinois and sit down with both of them to try to help them work out a settlement. Whoever can be determined to be telling the truth, that is the side I'm on. They lived about 300 miles from me. what is multiplicative comparison. passed away on October 24, 2022. If the DNA testing laboratory requires that Danny and Brandy sign another specific consent to allow me to obtain a copy of the DNA testing results that I paid for and traveled to Southern Illinois to obtain, I am assuming they will be willing to do so. That's why I don't want to show it to her. There are 30+ professionals named "Brandy Shelton", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. In addition, according to Illinois law, it is against the law to tape a phone conversation between two people unless BOTH people know it and approve it. Have you asked Linda if Brandy worked there before we were divorced. (Google, Instagram, word of mouth etc.) Danny Shelton had no grounds, Biblically, to divorce Linda and remarry in the SDA church. The following email by 3ABN president Danny Shelton is the earliest documentation we currently have of Danny having a new girlfriend named Brandy, the young lady he eventually married. The testing was done with a home kit and not in the presence of a third party or at a certified DNA testing laboratory or with government identification documents. 2. If you can prove that Brandy (the now Brandy Shelton) worked with you while you were at 3ABN during any years prior to my divorceI'll give you $100,000! She said she couldnt figure out why he began behaving as he had and she was devastated by the divorce and the loss of her job at 3ABN. I have written a letter to them. Within a week or so, she died.). I have always considered both Danny and Linda as my friends. Brandy is on her way back from Fla. with her daughter. Top 3 Results for Danny Shelton. Where is your obligation to pursue truth? From: Lorraine Day Christine Yates On February 23, 2017, Shelton underwent a minor wrist surgery. Read More . It is interesting that Brandys oldest daughter, Jody, apparently born out of wedlock three years before she married Shawn Brannack, uses the last name Murray. Did Kevin Murray adopt Jody, Shawn Brannacks child? Thousand Palms, CA 92276. If you are really so sure of yourself that you think there is no room for error in your belief that you worked with Brandy then I am through communicating with you because obviously you believe that you already have all the truth. So, it's my life that is at stake. Facebook gives people the power. I have no goal in collecting money from you or anyone else. (See below from Google search). The average person would assume that you had known her much longer. Subject: Re: From Lorraine Day. Why hadn't Danny already done that? Another subject: He answered, No., We talked for about 15 minutes and I, still confused about what was going on, asked several more questions, including more clarification on what he meant by Spiritual adultery. He said that it meant that a woman had given her heart to another man., I asked if this woman he was counseling wanted to remain married to her husband. Is everyone so apathetic or so blinded by their own self-righteous attitude that they have no interest anymore in Truth? Brandys behavior during the DNA specimen collection was an embarrassment to everyone, including Danny, as he tried first to calm her down. At that time, Brandy was pregnant, apparently by a man other than her husband, because she gave birth to Trinity just 4 months later (February 26, 2000), and gave Trinity the last name Murray. Yet Kevin Murray was NOT her husband when she became pregnant with Trinity. Danny was clearly grasping at straws to try to fabricate any type of incriminating evidence against Linda no matter how far-fetched it was. [28] He was released on August 30, 2022 and signed to the practice squad the next day. west bend slow cooker beef stew recipe; another word for exposed to harm; moraine country club menu. If you don't want me to let anyone else listen to it, I won't. It should be noted that we were first scheduled to meet in the parking lot of the public school in Thompsonville, Ill. Danny Shelton subsequently asked if we could move the meeting place to the county Courthouse in Benton, Illinois a few miles up the freeway north of West Frankfort, Ill (West Frankfort/Thompsonville, Ill is the location of the headquarters of 3ABN).
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