Public schools have overstepped their bounds. McClary had run unopposed in the Aug. 8, 2000 Democratic primary. The things I will consider as I prioritize budget items include: -Does the expenditure forward the mission of giving each child the education and support they need to be successful? I am a first generation, refugee Palestinian American who moved to the US at a young age hoping for the American dream and a better life. 3. Note: Supreme Court elections are nonpartisan and candidates party affiliation will not appear on the ballot, though they are nominated by political parties to run. Her age is 74. More information about me and my platform can be found here: Paulette M. Metoyer, MD earned a degree of a Doctor of Medicine . Analyzing and addressing opportunity gaps in education to ensure consistency in education throughout the district. Per law, our budgets are audited and always available to the public. Tax Payment Options As a veteran teacher my top priority has always been to make sure my students felt the classroom and the school was a safe place. -Is money being spent on physical facilities in a way that is environmentally sustainable with an eye to the future?I intend to help facilitate substantive discussions on how we fulfill our fiscal responsibility as a board based solid information and data. Spencer attended public school, was raised by two public school teachers and is a parent of public school students. She previously served on the East Lansing School Board and other governing boards, which she said helped her develop collaborative skills to be able to understand complex issues, and diverse viewpoints to get things done. She also has done educational policy work in the Michigan House of Representatives. Im also eager to learn what else we can do in Ann Arbor beyond what I know today. I want schools to stop grooming kids to become dependable Democratic voters by age 18. A Democrat and former county commissioner for 14 years, McClary has held the treasurer's office since Jan. 1, 1997. These two goals will provide immediate improvements for both quality of education, and quality of life for our school community. Earns undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. Join Now Donate Calendar. All rights reserved (About Us). LaphamI would pursue a balanced approach that would include more equitably rethinking existing resources, identifying and eliminating structural inefficiencies, and securing and prioritizing equitable distribution of new revenue. She runs unopposed in the general election, and had also been unopposed in the Aug. 5, 2008 Democratic primary. Townsend Gides is a former journalist and lawyer who is now a novelist, teaching in the MFA program at the University of Michigan. Additionally, there is significant evidence that student who face discrimination at school struggle with both their mental health and academic achievement. And we need to trust our teachers to do their jobs, while giving them the autonomy to deliver an outstanding education in the way that they know best. He is a graduate of Washtenaw Community College and Wayne State University, with two masters degrees from University of Michigan. As the pandemic recedes, we still see students who still have needs related to crises that were exacerbated during the worst of the COVID outbreak. Earns designation as a Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO). Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Providing them with the best public education and learning environment we can is an important aspect of their daily lives.Growing up, my familys dinner table conversations were most often about life in and around public schools. My goals are to address these key areas: 1. Treasurer Vote for not more than 1 Nanette L. Havens Trustee Vote for not more than 2 Dale Luick Each candidate was asked to outline their stances on a variety of public policy issues listed below. An unwillingness to make the changes. Gets 3,731 votes (76.56%) compared to 1,141 votes (23.41%) for Van Havermaat. What are your goals should you be elected and how will you work to accomplish them? All rights reserved (About Us). Paulette Margaret Metoyer, MD is an internal medicine doctor and primary care doctor who practices at Richard J Foster D O P C located at 250 E Michigan Ave in Saline, MI 48176 (Washtenaw County). 1/5 (2) 250 E Michigan Ave Saline MI, 48176 Show map . 2. She said she wants to ask hard questions and work collaboratively to make decisions as a board member. 7th Congressional District representative, 12th Congressional District representative, University of Michigan regents (two seats), Michigan State University trustees (two seats), Wayne State University governors (two seats), Dexter City Council (three seats, nonpartisan), Saline City Council (three seats, nonpartisan), Ann Arbor Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Augusta Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Dexter Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Lima Township Board of Trustees (two seats), Northfield Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Pittsfield Township Park Commission (five seats), Scio Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Superior Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Sylvan Township Board of Trustees (two seats), Webster Township Board of Trustees (four seats), York Township Board of Trustees (four seats), Michigan Supreme Court justice (two seats). Addressing the labor shortage which has been a national problem for a long time. The Board will need to think ahead on processes to enable rapid shared understanding of challenges and how to move forward. I also have a goal of advocating for an updated curriculum that includes Social Emotional Learning as well as Restorative Justice . Catherine McClary walking in the Ann Arbor July 4, 2012 parade. 2020 Nov 3 :: General Election :: County Treasurer :: Washtenaw County. 2. Why/how did this happen? I want all teaching to end the message to kids, that we live in a horrible, racist country. Washtenaw County treasurer Catherine McClary (Dem) Paulette Metoyer (Rep) District 1 county commissioner Jason Maciejewski (Dem) Rod Anderson (Rep) District 2 county commissioner Sue. He has taught at three universities part-time, including the University of Michigan. Taxpayer Assistance Find out what resources are available for taxpayers. Its time our spending aligns with the districts stated values of equity and belonging. These problems reflect a changing and chaotic society. Start Date: End Date: Type: Title: Contributor: NEWS: Date: Category: Headline: Article: Contributor Candidates for the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education include: (top row, left to right) Barry Schumer, Jacinda Townsend Gides, Alex Wood, Paulette Metoyer, Jamila James, Leslie Wilkins and Andrew Spencer; (bottom row, left to right) Jeremy Lapham, Rima Mohammad, Kai Cortina, Susan Baskett, Lena Kauffman and Susan Ward Schmidt.Photos provided. This was a consequence of each member of my family spending their entire work/school day in public schools. Lapham is a single parent who has been a registered nurse for 16 years, working as a school-based nurse practitioner in adolescent health for the last six years. What is motivating you to run for the school board? Public school administrators are acting out of their realm of expertise in issuing such mandates and they are physically and emotionally harming children. How do we make it better?- that aids in teaching ac-countably, Mental Health and Social Work support, Skill Trades, Teacher Autonomy to do the jobs they went to school to do, and teaching our children to respect and honor our environment. She has been a manager in marketing for 13 years. We have parents fighting this, insisting on a gifted and talented program instead. The county treasurer is authorized by the Michigan Constitution and state law to serve as the county's banker and investment officer. Equitable access to high-quality affordable education is essential to addressing inequality in our communities and to close the opportunity gap. Brian Ebon Jones-Chance (independent write-in), Bradley Joseph Manley (independent write-in), More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23. Instead of using the term woke, the more accurate term is Communist. Further progress for our district on reducing the number of days our students miss school for any reason. Check out the leagues voter guide at to find information about candidates and issues on the ballot. After this election, the newly elected trustees will be inexperienced to the actual work (vs. campaign promises) and to working together as a team. Her birth date was listed as 31-03-1948. It takes a village and all of our voices are important in shaping our schools. Aviva R Morady, Fred Morady, and two other persons spent some time in this place. What are the greatest challenges that will face the Board of Education in the coming year? My lived experiences have shown me that systemic racism is still harming Ann Arbor students. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. She grew up in Kentucky before earning a bachelors degree from Harvard University and a Juris Doctor degree from Duke University. Since a majority of the board will be overturning this year ensuring stability is the biggest challenge and is of upmost importance. Nov. 5, 1996: Wins first election as Washtenaw County treasurer for a four-year term, after defeating Republican Lawrence Gass. Should I be re-elected my goal is to continue the work already in progress. She also has served on other nonprofit boards for the last nine years. She had run unopposed in the Aug. 3, 2004 Democratic primary. Coming from a home where my father did not graduate from high school and my mother was raised in an orphanage, I learned the importance of an education. As a parent, she has volunteered in her childrens schools and served as a board member at their Montessori school before being elected as a trustee of the Monroe County Community School Corporation in Indiana. One issue I particularly care about is literacy equity. It will be important to measure the immediate and long term impacts of expenditures when prioritizing them in the budget. If I am unable to accomplish these goals, It wont be because I didnt have the will to get it done. The public schools, under no circumstances should feel that they have the right to interfere with anothers respiratory function by mandating the use of unhygienic masks that forces the wearer to violate OSHA clean air standards, and place others at risk of becoming ill. Keep our kids in school whenever possible so they are engaged with educators and peers. He is concerned about AAPS decisions and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an over-reliance on Zoom-school instead of in-person classes creating what he said are substantial learning deficits in reading, math and social learning. My priorities in general for our district will be teacher compensation, high-impact use of the 2019 Bond for upgrading school facilities, finding more equitable ways to ensure our PTO and PTO-like organizations are adequately funded across the district, and activities that enhance our students experience in our schools. Baskett is the owner/operator of a licensed day care home, specializing in caring for children with special needs. Our staff needs to be compensated justly, as they provide the social emotional and mental health support that our babies need.
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